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Tracking SMT Attrition (Load/Unload Loss)

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 08:11:53 EDT 2002 | gdstanton

Pete, We've been looking at that. Last I heard was August release for MYLabel 2.0. Do you already have it?

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 12:28:39 EDT 2012 | dontfeedphils

The easiest (and cheapest) solution would be to just split the reels. Do you guys use the Mylabel software that MyData offers?

Wrong Parts Loaded......again

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 06:50:48 EST 2014 | cunningham

What pick and place machine are you using? We use Mydata's with a software package for easy loading and traceabillity (Mylabel). We also have electrical verification checks on the first 3 picks of any feeder to ensure they are the correct parts.

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Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 01 10:29:46 EDT 2012 | anton99

Thanks dyoungquist and tech 1, Things have been crazy lately installing Mylabel and keeping up with customer demand. I have been looking into buying more reels for the high runners (caps, resistors, IC’s that we use a lot) and I think we have a shot

Tracking SMT Attrition (Load/Unload Loss)

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 11:57:19 EDT 2002 | pjc

For component loss that cannot be accounted for by the placement machine's computer I would have the operators collect all loose components from the feeder setup area and in and around the placement machines after each product batch run. This is cert

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Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 00:18:05 EDT 2012 | tech1

Not trying to be negative but MYplan or MYlabel are not really going to help you with this. The most they will do is tell you what you already know: the reel is on another machine. Instead of dropping 5 to 10k on software think of how many reels you

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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 09:32:56 EST 2013 | anton99

Update: We have bought more reels to cover both lines and it has helped enormously. There were about 100 part numbers that were used on both lines over 300 times per year. The majority of them were less than $20.00 a reel. We have also been using My

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Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 12 11:10:08 EDT 2012 | dyoungquist

We run 1 high mix/low volume line using a MY12 with the MyLabel and MyPlan software. The MyLabel software helps reduce setup times while tracking quantities on the reels and is well worth the investment in our opinion. As for needing extra reels on

Juki vs Mydata... again...

Electronics Forum | Wed May 10 09:15:12 EDT 2006 | DJuelich

We currently have 5 MyData machines in our facility. Our production lines are the Mydata Synergy package which is two My9 machines connected together and both machines have the Hydra heads in them which is giving us 15k cph and these are rated at 27

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Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 09 10:38:39 EDT 2012 | anton99

Thank you both ( Gnus and Phil) for the replies. I will try to answer both with a new post. I like the idea of the stock room splitting the reels but our reels are released to the floor where the Magload ( Kit building) area stores them and builds t


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