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Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 20:57:11 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

May I suggest you to join both file names? that is p.1_part number... This would help both.

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 18:36:06 EDT 2003 | Matt Kehoe

I am trying to get opinions about a situation that we are discussing with a vendor/customer. While not a technical issue it has caused some confusion and I need some opinions to help settle the debate. We are a service bureau who receives stencil fi

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | jersbo |

Wed Jul 02 21:23:01 EDT 2003

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 19:40:44 EDT 2003 | russ

Here is an opinion p.1/p.2 is %@##& stupid. Keeping files in different folders with the same name can lead to a mess if one person one time makes a one mistake. Could I call this company and order a p1? (rhetorical) Russ

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 06:34:32 EDT 2003 | mkehoe

???? What? I think I follow your logic. Bottom line is, using the same name, p.1 (that's p (dot) 1) over and over for every stencil you produce can lead to confusion both in our CAM dept as well as our vendors. Like calling every board you produce PN

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 17:46:23 EDT 2003 | csimfgeng

WOW! Just when you thought you had seen it all! I follow your logic perfectly and concur. I bet the first time your customer loses a valuable customer because of a file mix-up, they may change their tune. "Doing things the way they have always

Naming Files

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 10:19:08 EDT 2003 | caldon

It kills me when people say "We have been doing this for 10 years and we will not change" guaranteed one day the shite will hit the fan when they have a screw up. We have ran into this before... Until/unless they are willing to work with you you wil

Display name is using user name.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 10:43:09 EST 2001 | camohn

Charlie When I post a message I want the authors name to be Charlie. What is displayed is camohn. Also the above 'Charlie' apperars in this massage box. I have edited the account info with no success. Please correct.

Display name is using user name.

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 13:05:23 EST 2001 | bdoyle

Hi Charlie, It looks like its displaying your display name on the listing but your username when you post. You're the only person that sees that. We've logged the bug though and will address it in our next bug sweep though. Thanks! Brian

Conergo�s New name?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 09:12:40 EDT 2001 | mattiasw

Hello there! Is there someone out there that knows of the name name of the company that was former named Conergo? Or even better if someone knows of a webaddress. They are making stencils for screenprinters. Could someone please help me? Best regards

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