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semi-manual SMT placement

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 09 17:03:23 EST 2009 | reflowtechnologies

Hi, My name is Brian Riggs. Please check DIMA. http://www.dimasmt.com/cmpage/products.asp I have no association with the company mentioned above.

smt operator looking for work!

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 13:02:59 EST 2009 | petep

Carlton, A local company in the Shenandoah Valley - Virginia is looking for an SMT operator. I believe they use Mydata They have an ad placed at http://www.dnronline.com - Company name is PMI or Power Monitors Inc. Good Luck!

beware of job scam

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 17:28:13 EST 2009 | smt_guy

What's the name of the company? What machines is he selling that you have to service? more elaborated info will be better for all of us... regards

Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 08:01:08 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

In the early days Quad machines were fitted with an alignment system that was purchased from a company named Cyberoptics. Quad then developed their own alignment system and called it Quadalign.

BGA reballing tool

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 23 13:22:17 EDT 2009 | pnguyvu

Hi Sasha ! The company below custom make reballing kit for chip rework ( reballing ). Contact name: Steve Yen USA STENCILS INC. Website : http://www.usastencils.com Phone : 714-636-6211 Good luck!

SPC control-Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 09:01:53 EDT 2009 | gregoryyork

Hi Can you be a little more specific with wave solder machine name and method of applying flux and if lead free or not then can come back with some meaningfull figures Cheers GREG BLT

Materials Specifications for Thermal PCBs with LED Applications

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 12:09:39 EDT 2009 | JWPlainview

When choosing materials, do you specify your thermal PCB needs? For instance, are you specifying temperature or are you selecting materials by brand name?

8221 controller on an old axial

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 21:29:31 EDT 2009 | stevezeva

I don't think NEA is around anymore. I know of a great guy named Don Burshnick at a place called SMT Technologies that used to build Universal machines and knows them like the back of his hand, call him at: 607-772-2900. Steve

SMT Machine spares inventory management

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 25 14:33:14 EST 2009 | rwyman

Our previous system was called PMC 2000 (http://www.main-tech.com/vendors/dpsi.html) We recently switched but the name of the new one escapes me at the moment. Order parts, schedule repairs and maintenance, keep a database of all the above. Good l

defects in pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 03 20:00:47 EST 2009 | davef

Solder Mask Adhesion Pull Test Tape List IPC-TM-650 Test Method, Adhesion, Solder Resist (Mask), Tape Test Method, defines the procedure for determining the adhesion of solder resists (masks) used over melting metals, (such as solder plated

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