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Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 23:25:15 EDT 2009 | jandon

We were using AIM WS485 SAC305 and AIM NC257 SAC305 and we had problems with voiding and AIM�s narrow process windows. Now we are using Indium3.2 and Indium8.9 with much better results.

Alternative tin-lead solder pastes to minimize poor wetting on o

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 10:00:38 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I am a big fan of AIM SnPb solder paste. I currently use NC257-2 (no-clean, 89.5%), and recommend you include it in your evaluations.

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 21:09:29 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I haven't worked with anything as small as 01005s, but something you didn't mention is the %metal of your paste. I just switch from 90% to 89.5% (AIM NC257-2) and could tell the difference. Just an idea...

Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 09:39:07 EDT 2009 | rkevin

I received my sample jar of NC257-2 SAC305 from Aim, and while that may have been true about older Aim paste formulations, this stuff prints and reflows better than anything I have tried and more importantly there were practically no voids on a 256 B

Solder bridges on TQFP 100 part

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 01:41:27 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

Hi I am having trouble getting solder bridges on TQFP-100 (0.5mm pitch) components. The boards are pasted on semi-auto printer using laser-cut 0.12mm stencil and SN63 NC257-2 T4 paste. The components are placed using Samsung CP40LV and tghen reflow

Reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:17:38 EDT 2012 | garym4569

We have been having a solder paste reflow issue which results in the solder not wetting to the LED lead. The solder appears to create "puddles" on the pcb pad. I have attached AOI image for review. We have had the pads analyzed for contamination, w

Incomplete reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 18:16:43 EDT 2014 | garym4569

We are in the process of launching a new product and found reflow solder issue with one of the inductors. I have set oven profile to paste specifications. I just finished profiling with thermocouple under problem component. All other components ex

63/37 Solder Paste mix

Electronics Forum | Sun May 13 02:08:26 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

In testing 63/37 SnPb NC paste I have seen HUGE differences in performance. Have you tried a different paste? I prefer AIM (NC257-2), they have performed well in each round of testing. My observations regarding mixing old and new paste: The paste ha


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