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No-Lead solder defect - No solder on pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 15:35:18 EST 2003 | davef

Marc: Please be more explicit. * When you say, "parts have a metal shell"; are you talking about the component leads or the component body? What is the metal, what is it appearance, and what are it's implications? * When you say, "the parts have a

QFP Shifting / Solderability Issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 22:49:50 EDT 2007 | mika

These ones from ALTERA the QFFP-304 0.5mm weight: 32gr. used to give us a really headache in the past. Not only soldering issue:s but also the placement in x-y-theta! The stencil thickness of ours is 0.13mm and because of ohter compomponent packages,


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