Electronics Forum: needed: panasonic ht121

Re: used Fuji or panasonic SMT line

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 19:04:16 EST 1998 | William Kelley

| Where I can buy the used Fuji or panasonic SMT line? My name is William Kelley and I am the customer service manager for Circuits Inc., we Install equipment for GE Capital which supplies used refurbished equipment nation wide. I dont know what area

56mm feeders for Panasonic MPA P&P machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 17:53:01 EDT 2002 | steveb

We have both Panasonic MPA3 56mm feeders and Hover-Davis 56mm feeders. You can go wider than this if you need, we also have a 72mm Hover-Davis feeder. You are correct in stating you will need to base plate for the Hover Davis feeders to work. We h

Help needed for choosing chipshooter

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 14:37:56 EDT 2004 | fastek

Take a hard look at the capabilities of your people first. If your organization is weak in manufacturing/process engineers I would stay away from Panasonic and focus more on Fuji. They are simpler to operate, program and maintain. Nozzles are cheap a

Panasonic servodrivers in Tenryu

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 09:34:21 EDT 2013 | lkavan

Dear friends, I need to retune servodrivers Panasonic MSD5A3P1EA in my Tenryu MT5530. Some Z axis servo loops are unstable. But I cannot find old Panaterm software for DOS which should be able to communicate with these old drivers. Can you help me? P

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 28 08:51:20 EDT 2017 | rvines1

The manufacturer I was having issues with was Panasonic. The parts we use were unmarked, but their catalog pages didn't make any mention of marking and included photos of marked parts. After 6 months of making various unsuccessful contacts with Pan

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 05:50:37 EST 2019 | bane016

It's nice to see that you've solved the problem...panasonic npm w2 is very powerfull machine but asks everything to be perfect and everything is pure to work well...looking for a clean ventilated room without dust..regular maintenance daily, weekly,

Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 15:52:52 EST 2005 | jasont

Hi, Would you consider pre-owned SMT equipment for your production lines? Panasonic FA sells refurbished, certified machines. My preference in order as follows; - Panasonic - Siemens - Philips Assembleon Please contact me as we can help you with

Panasonic MV2F Data Port

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 16:21:23 EST 2005 | George

What "initial settings" need to be turned on for Panasonic MV2F to start sending data to the data port? Thanx

Panasonic CM101

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 05:02:46 EST 2010 | lefwan

Hi everybody, we just bought 3 panasonic smt machines, but I noted that the components library are poor, is there anyway to import data from another place ? Do I need data sheet for all types of components? is ther any way to loaded ? please help gu

Panasonic CM101

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 06:23:03 EST 2010 | headlad

Being an owner of 3 different panasonic CM type machines the only advise I can give you is get a vernier, you'll need it.....

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