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Use of solder paste after taking out from cold storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 05:51:17 EDT 2005 | pavel_murtishev

Good day, Search the net with "Solder paste softener", or check the links below: *Malcom http://www.malcomtech.com/products_sps.html *Japan UNIX http://www.japanunix.co.jp/ju_en/products/UM-103.html *Genitec http://www.genitec.com.tw/gam-60-e.htm

Does anyone care if Americans supply equipment to our industry.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 10:13:25 EST 2002 | caldon

I feel like such a "nit-wit" now. Diversity is what makes America great. Freedom of choice. The last I remember Multitronics is a UK based company ..OPS thats right Multitronics was purchased by a Bermuda based company... silly me. Let me guess..Y


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