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Please help a newbie

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 18 19:16:56 EDT 2003 | GEJames

hello all - i am i need of a simple electronic counting device but i know little about electronics. would someone please describe to me the parts I'd need and the assembly process to create a computer that meets the following specs: 2 digital LED t

Please help a newbie

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 14:14:28 EDT 2003 | samaniegocesar

Hello Mr. James Mark send a Email similar to your email about a countdown timer. I send him this email. Read and give me your comments.. I'm an Electronic Engineer and I being doing and Designing some devices like your requirement( pneumatics mac


Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 08:59:15 EDT 2004 | newbie

Yeah, I've got a question. I was just hired and I just need some help. Can somebody explain to me how a pick and place machine works and how I can program it? I know you're supposed to be putting these spool like things on the back. Can somebody help


Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 12:33:09 EDT 2004 | newbie

You're absolutely correct to put me in my place! I've gotten off my "high horse" and put my place in his shoes. I guess after thirteen years in the industry I've started taking some stuff for granted. Maybe I should've put myself in his shoes first.

Component Loss in CP643

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 13:20:28 EDT 2005 | Paul Bendemire

Thanks to both of you for helping out a newbie.


Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 09:32:52 EDT 2004 | Ordie.

Nice attitude Newbie, real mature of You. This guy had a problem, and thank God someone helped him. If all of us knew everything, as You do, there would be no use for this web site. Please pull your head out once and a while.

KohYoung Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 22:19:34 EDT 2006 | danielchankh

I am rather a newbie in this field and one of my longtime buddy client is stuck with the purchase dilemma of a KohYoung Solder Paste Inspection benchmarked against the Taiwan TRI's. In desperate need of some advice from anybody...

Advice for a newbie, please: Can an existing PSB be adapted to slow it down? Maybe add a resistor?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 18:28:38 EDT 2015 | r92024

Thanks, Rob... when it says on that eBay mechanism that it's "adjustable," it's the length... it's scored in increments, to snap off at the required length. So no help with this issue, unfortunately.

S25 Software booting error

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 22:10:28 EST 2021 | erici

Thanks for the reply michal, are you able to give me instructions on how to do this? Sorry complete newbie when it comes to networks. Thanks


Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 13:12:00 EDT 2004 | russ

This little bit was interesting, I posted a very similar response the other day in agrrement with newbie, I was starting to get a little ticked myself and the "going back to the basics" questions that we are starting to see more and more of. I afte

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