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Reduce PCB pad area on fabricated boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 27 10:22:43 EDT 2013 | davef

UV Nd:YAG Laser--> Excimer Laser: An increase in system capabilities & ablation quality * CO2 Laser-->UV Nd:YAG Laser--> Excimer Laser: A decrease in processing speed and relative increase in manufacturing cost Laser ablation equipment suppliers: *

Re: Solder pastes

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 19 13:32:06 EDT 1998 | Mark Schwarz

| How are solder pastes manufactured right from the level of extracting lead and tin ? | | | The Tin Institute is good but I rarely find that the raw metals industries guys know about pastes. Making a tin-lead alloy for pastes, as for raw bars, is

Generating Gerber File

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 17:28:29 EDT 2005 | davef

Not sure. Try: * ScanCAD International; P.O. Box 598, 19181 Highway 8, Morrison, CO 80465-0598; 303-697-8888 F 303-697-8580 info@scancad.com http://www.scancad.com * Artwork Conversion Software; 417 Ingalls St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060; 831-426-6163 F

underfilling of bga

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 16:00:54 EDT 2009 | pjc

Henkel- Hysol seems to be the most popular material that I see: http://www.henkel.com/cps/rde/xchg/SID-0AC83309-B331D246/henkel_com/hs.xsl/12169_20090505-henkel-launches-next-gen-underfill-20681_COE_HTML.htm As far as application method, its all ab


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