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NexLev connector

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 03 00:34:56 EST 2005 | Andrew

Can anyone advise the best aperture opening and stencil thickness for Nexlev connector?We are seeing high reject for open solder.

NexLev connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 22:00:51 EDT 2005 | mrtom

I've delt with NexLev issues in the past. Contact me off line and I can share details. email= freemr_t@yahoo.com

NexLev connector

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 09:30:49 EDT 2005 | russ

Andrew, we need a lot more information to help. 1. what is the open caused from? bemt pins, non-wetting, board bowing, or no paste deposited. 2. What is your current stencil design? 3. What does this connector look like and what are the pins? Rus

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 14:15:34 EDT 2023 | compit

Hello What feeder do you use for the long connector (65-80mm) - tape feeder, tray? What nozzles? We want to mount a SODIMM200 socket. I don't know whether to look on the tape or on the trays... The MG1 spec says it will mount connectors up to 100mm (

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 16:42:14 EDT 2023 | compit

I already see that most of these connectors are on trays - I just don't know if they are suitable for the machine. And I don't know what nozzles Yamaha/Assembleon/Philips use.

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 11:55:27 EDT 2023 | tommy_magyar

In my previous job we fitted these connectors with bespoke gripper nozzles (ASM/Siplace) from bespoke trays made for these due to the high volume. It also reduces the risk of damaging the component further in case of a reject. However, at my current

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 10:15:41 EDT 2023 | tommy_magyar

As far as I can remember, these always arrived in flexible plastic trays. The trays we designed were made of Durastone. The parts were then transferred at a tape & reel facility from tray to tray every 1000x connectors. If these are high volume for

NexLev Open Solder and Hyper BGA

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 01 11:39:41 EDT 2004 | Andrew

I am seeing high rate of open joint at NexLev connector and also BGA warpage issue with 52 mm Hyper BGA.anyone has the same experience?

Suggestions for small and handy connector for in-circuit program

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 09:07:58 EDT 2016 | robl

Could you make up your own adaptor cable to connect to your programmer, then fit a small form connector like a Firewire on the edge of the PCB? It should only take up about 7x7mm of real estate as opposed to a 2.54mm 5x2 pin header 12.7 x 5.08, or a

Single-view camera in Topaz-X and connector type element

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 13:01:11 EDT 2019 | compit

I have a single-view camera on a Topaz-X machine. When I define a connector type element - it displays messages like in attached files. If I change the type to IC - no problem. There is also no problem when "learning&quot

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