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Motorola Optocoupler marking

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 25 23:08:09 EST 2006 | nick

I'm having trouble identifying a Motorola Optocoupler. It is a 6 pin thru hole device with the following marking;"SOC839A". It also has the Motorola logo on it. I beleive it is a MOC8XXX part. Is there any way to confirm the exact P/N? Thank you.

Frequency of Soldering Stations Calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 08:47:08 EST 2004 | solderboffin

No problem Chava. I need you email address. send me an email and I will forward it to you. Nick. Nick Prince Coopertools Europe. http://www.cooperhandtools.com/europe/

SCU & PMC Meaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 11 10:39:28 EST 2017 | davef

From “Nick's Software Blog” [http://nicks-software.com/wordpress/tag/list-of-abbreviations/ ] a very cool list of abbreviations … * SCU, Servo control unit or Sub-controller unit (on Fuji machines). * PMC, Placing module controller (on Q.P. Fuji ma

Re: Strange S-20

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 08:17:44 EST 1999 | NickMata

Explain computer "overload". Specific examples would be helpful. Regards Nick

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 09:11:47 EDT 2005 | EAMEXCO

Thanks to everyone for your help. Nick Haviland.

Mydata Pick & Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 11:33:04 EDT 2005 | EAMEXCO

Maybe the name change will work. Thanks, Nick

MCS30 scan disk

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 15:28:03 EDT 2007 | nickh

Ok, thanks Chris, ~Nick

New to SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 12:36:10 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

Your nick name might be wrongway but you definitely think the right way �made in USA�

Conformal Coating Masking Fixture Vendors

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 16:43:18 EST 2013 | markhoch

I concur with Nick.

Useful list of abbreviations for EMS

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 18:19:30 EST 2019 | nniculita

Google: nick's software abbreviations you'll find the online database

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