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Voltage linking and tip to ground resistance

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 14:10:30 EDT 2005 | Bruno Lalonde

I m looking to implement a maintenance program here at Exfo, I'm looking form the norms on the hand soldering iron (tip to ground resistance and Voltage linking). Thank

Voltage linking and tip to ground resistance

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 21:59:34 EDT 2005 | davef

Check with your soldering iron supplier. We'd expect them to say: * Tip to Ground Resistance:

Voltage linking and tip to ground resistance

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 08:08:46 EDT 2005 | Bruno Lalonde

Thank for your quick answer, waht to you mean by yammering, I'm sorry my english is not very good

Voltage linking and tip to ground resistance

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 09:11:34 EDT 2005 | davef

Don't apologize. Your English is fine. * In Enlish look here: http://www.freesearch.co.uk/dictionary/yammering * In French, maybe: Parler � tort et � travers

UPS and ROHS Compliance

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 18:15:34 EDT 2006 | nickel

If you have time, download the free Practical Guide to Understanding the Scope of the WEEE and RoHS, you will find what they say about UPS. They consider UPS out from the field of application of RoHS. ORGALIME (Bruxelles)is the European Engineering

NADCAP and thermocouple calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 16:55:03 EDT 2013 | hegemon

And to my knowledge, there is no calibration of Thermocouples. They can only be checked for their continuity and resistive value. The question would appear to be invalid.

Pad and Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 17:49:02 EDT 2001 | arzu

What about the material of the stencil? Nickel formed? stainless steel? even more materials are available, some with different ways to form the apetertures.

ESD Smocks and chairs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 21:44:20 EDT 2007 | rfrog

The first thing that I would do is contact the smock manufacturer and ask them for advice on testing the smocks. ESD FROM A TO Z 2nd ed. (Kolyer) states that: smocks should have a resistivity of less than 10^12/sq and must not shed steel fibers.

Gold and Palladium Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 05:12:51 EDT 2013 | ultimatejoker

What is the disadvantage of palladium plating instead of gold plating? I saw many advantage of palladium plating in term of hardness, wear resistance, and price but why most of the PCB Industries still use gold in PCB pad? Thank you

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:25:02 EDT 2008 | hegemon

ol' hege has got to agree with Chunks and Dave. Seems every time there is a problem, the finger is first pointed at the process. For my $.02 it doesn't matter if your process is 100% bulletproof, procurement will screw it up by finding a vendor that

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