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Solderability Problem on NiPdAu

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 12 12:45:56 EDT 2010 | tony1

Hi there, does anyone experience in NiPdAu solderability dip & look test? I experiencing solder non wet issue on side I/O & also center ground for QFN package. Appreciate someone can offer me a solution. Thanks

NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 18 23:56:56 EDT 2008 | trynders

am having wetting issues with two Burr Brown Op amps. Both are SOICs with NiPdAu lead frame finishes. I have attached a photo that shows a black streak the length of the lead (before soldering). This appearance is consistent of all leads and is exist

NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 15:52:18 EDT 2008 | davef

This is not something that we'd expect to see on NiPdAu finished leads. Help us understand the extent of the problem better. From your picture, it looks like a band of copper color with black on the outer portions of the copper color that bleeds int

UIC GSM and NiPdAu pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 19 15:43:37 EDT 2009 | dilogic

We have a problem with QFN IC's with NiPdAu plated pads. Our ULC's don't see the pads due to the almost ideal reflection. Vision sees the pads almost black. As we don't have OAL-cameras (which can help in this case, I assume), I am thinking of back-l

NiPdAu solderability Issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 11:21:48 EDT 2010 | tony1

I have this NiPdAu small QFN packge sizes less than 2x2. I tried to do solderability Dip And Look test and there's always some units no wet on either ground pad and small I/O. Can someone help to explain why is this so difficult to set on this surfac

QFN Solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 03:28:26 EDT 2005 | Just mee

What test is applicable to check for QFN package with NiPdAu leadframe if leads/pad are solderable? what are the options other than dip and look solderability testing? Thanks,

Ni/Pd/Au lead finish - reflow with SAC paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 20 05:55:16 EDT 2006 | Eric Chen

40% in wetting problem. I would like to know any specific reflow profile in order to acheive good wetting at this type of lead. Besides, any specific paste e.g. halide containing paste required

Rohs and non rohs components on a board

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 15:32:42 EST 2007 | blnorman

We use SnPb paste and bar with leaded and non-leaded component finishes. The predominant finish on components we use is Tin, there are a few NiPdAu. We've had no problems with the component finishes used in the SnPb process.

NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 15:23:33 EDT 2008 | vladig

All I can say is my regular "Get it analyzed", so you'll know what the streak is. Regards, Vladimir

NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 20 09:31:42 EDT 2008 | vladig

Wise move :-) Please let me know the results of the analysis and we can take it from there. Vlad

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