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nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 14:57:56 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Dave Good luck with the root canal I just hope you are using Nitrous oxide instead of nitrogen.

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | patrickbruneel |

Thu Feb 05 08:55:53 EST 2004

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 17:18:25 EST 2004 | dave

we are trying to install a nitrogen manifull in a electrovert oven whit out of manofacturer kit any sugestion or help? thanks in advance

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 14:12:35 EST 2004 | dave

thank you for your help. can you explain me someting more thanks

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 26 20:21:12 EST 2004 | davef

I have almost finished giving myself a root canal. When I'm done, I'll come over and help you with your oven.

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 16:04:43 EST 2004 | kauer

We have been given a factory quote for Nitro upgrade on Omniflow 7s. It sounds like a pretty major undertaking, with a couple of factory Techs on site for a few days to do it. Nothing I would like to jump into blind. Be carefull, Good luck.

nitrogen oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 22:09:05 EST 2004 | Dennis

This is somthing that you should have the techs do it will not only save you time because they know the short cuts.the help you get trying to understand the proccess is in valuable.

full nitrogen tunnel

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 17:48:28 EST 2018 | ranap121212

Hello Could I ask for advice? We have new machines with a full nitrogen tunnel. Type of soldering nozzle: worthmann 5 rows and next nozzle (in this same machine) worthmann 7 rows. One person in my organization claims that the delta nozzle is not wor

Fitting nitrogen to Omniflow 7

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 15:03:16 EST 2004 | Nat

Hi all, We have an Omniflow 7 reflow oven that has not come with the nitrogen option. We are looking at fitting a nitrogen system to the oven, does anyone have nay knowledge that may help us? The cost of the nitrogen is nothing as we outgas enourmou

Fitting nitrogen to Omniflow 7

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 22:29:04 EST 2004 | fastek

Unless you can find a situation like Glenn's it would probably be cheaper to buy another oven already nitrogen equipped. $15,000-$20,000 buys them all day used.

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