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Flip Chip and lead-free soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 16:08:18 EDT 2000 | Grant Baynham

Do you have any experience with flip chip applications using lead-free solder, and specifically do you have any information revealing how the process parameters for standard air reflow atmosphere can be modified to match the results for solder reflow

What is gonna impact boards without silkscreen on quality and mf

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 09:35:15 EDT 2007 | karenp

We usually do Solder reworks, and some components that cannot be installed by SMT Machines or Wave solder due to specs or the technology in our company... aur work methods and instruction are always based on designators and are more illustrated to ca

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 03:03:56 EDT 2006 | ronalds

Thank you all for your input. The MF300S Multicore flux is rated for lead free. There is not much dross or contamination. We are using nitrogen. I've tested the boards with the curing test of IPC-TM-650. I think you're all right about the preheat.

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:06:58 EST 2007 | pjc

5 Steps to Eliminate Bridges: 1. Establish (wave) Parallelism First and foremost, you must establish board-to-wave parallelism. This is the prerequisite to any wave solder process control. For an understanding of the power of this approach go to ht

SPC - Reflow and Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 14:07:20 EDT 2002 | ppwlee

Thanks for all replying to my printing SPC posting. I like to expand the SPC discussion on reflow and wave soldering. I am aware of the common methods of applying periodic measurements using test vehicles though the machines to collect critical pr

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 14:52:53 EST 2002 | Chris

Hi, I have read many articles about theromsonically bonding to soft gold. Many of these articles state you can bond to 10uinches of gold. I have worked with both Hughes and Panasonic bonders at two different companies and I have never been able to

Nitrogen wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 20:13:39 EST 2003 | cmiller

Does anyone have any experience with setting up a nitrogen supply system to a wave solder machine that is equiped for it? Does the nitrogen need to be room temp or higher? Does it make a big difference with bridging or solder quality? We bought a use

dirty wave soldering machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 25 08:33:59 EDT 2008 | lococost

That's just dross. If you have nitrogen blowing over the wave, you could reduce its flow as it tends to blow the dust everywhere if it is set too high. (on the other hand it might reduce solder quality)

Selective soldering justification

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 15:56:25 EDT 2005 | dougm

We are a high mix/low volume shop (avg. lot size is about 60). Hand solder was a bottleneck, so we looked into selective machines. We purchased a Vitronics-Soltec mySelective and are very happy with it so far. Although it has a large footprint, ev

Nitrogen used in selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 11:27:45 EST 2015 | charliedci

Per our selective solder provider, they recommend a PSA type generator to supply the needed 99.999% pure N2. The membrane type (which we have) does not provide the minimum (99.995%) purity necessary for lead free wave soldering. They happen to sell P

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