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soldering issues

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 11:49:20 EDT 2002 | Jacob

Hello all, I am having soldering issues with an Everlight component it is a TM4201/TR2 (Right angle IRDA with a 1mm pitch). The problem I have is that after reflow the solder joints look perfect, but during test we are losing 7 micro amps as soon as

Centurion o2 ppm issues

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 04 05:55:40 EST 2023 | jrogalski88

So we have 3 new ITW/EAE Centurion ovens that all have issues when running nitrogen to keep the o2 ppm below 1000. It is always much higher, sometimes gets lower when no boards are loading in. They've had us replace valves and do an upgrade kit that

Solder wetting issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 16:14:45 EST 2005 | chunks

You need to verify if you're getting up to the needed temps. It looks like you're not. I'd say it started to reflow but never reached a long enough time. Nitrogen may help with further wetting.

Ag/Pd termination reflow soldering issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 16:54:32 EDT 2007 | flipit

I don't suggest using Pd/Ag or Ag/Pd terminated components unless you are forced to use them. You often see a line of demarcation that suggests a poorly wetted solder joint. I have had bad experiences with Pd/Ag terminated capacitors. Even when so

Selective Soldering Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 08:44:50 EDT 2012 | grauen06

We are using Nitrogen from Dewer tanks. We have purchased a generator from On-Site gas that we will be installing in 2 weeks. I guess Nitrogen purity could be an issue, but the company that sells us Nitrogen said it is five 9s (99.999%)

Sticky solder, solder flagging, bridging.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 15:27:09 EDT 2023 | jamesatqkits

It was a nitrogen delivery issue. I used a funnel (silicone) to direct the nitrogen to the board. The way the machine operates is, the nitrogen comes out about 7 cm away from the board, from a large opening around the nozzle. I cut a silicone funnel

Pillarhouse Jade MK11

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 07:58:40 EST 2019 | apierce

Is anyone out there having issues with the new improved pumps requiring weekly disassembly? Our nitrogen ppm is at 6 pressure is 85 to 95 psi. We replaced and adjusted the nitrogen supply valves. Thanks

No-Lead solder defect - No solder on pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 16:19:42 EST 2003 | swagner

How long are the OSP boards out of there packaging? Is this a double sided smd process or single? Are the boards stored in nitrogen? Sounds like an osp issue to me!

Sticky solder, solder flagging, bridging.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 20:04:39 EDT 2023 | jamesatqkits

5 ppm from cylinders, thank you for taking the time to respond. Originally I ran no spec nitrogen, and got good results, when I started having issues I changed to 4.8 spec

Sticky solder, solder flagging, bridging.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 17:07:12 EDT 2023 | jamesatqkits

I made a nitrogen nozzle from a starfrite silicone funnel and it improved the issue by about 80%. Thanks for the feedback

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