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conformal coatings and flux compatability

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 12:18:25 EDT 2000 | mike weekes

Which companies would you consider for protective coatings, (conformal coating) and other levels of protection? I am taking a fresh look at alternatives. Know any good tests for testing compatability of coating with flux - aqueous or no clean? SMT

Hybrid flux: No-clean and WS

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 18:25:23 EDT 2006 | George

Hi everybody: I really need your expertise on this one. I was told that the flux 270WR from AIM is either No-clean or WS soluble depending on your needs. I read the TDS and it looks like it is....but..... Is there anybody out there using this or s

Software Solution for combining PNP and BOM data?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 29 18:25:57 EDT 2011 | sevenzero

What options are available for reading in XY data and combining it with a BOM? Also, we need to generate XY locations manually from gerber data. I would prefer something with a hard lock dongle.

Stencil Design for BGA with 0.2 mm Diameter Pad and 0.4 mm pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 18:25:07 EST 2019 | myke03o

Hi Jandon, Thanks, I will try it on my DOE.


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