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SMT Quick Frame Adapter

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 12:15:42 EST 2003 | jsherrow

Mark, MET in Mt. Holly, NJ sells the frame and will make the stencil also.

Heller 1500

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 08:47:18 EST 2018 | bmalhi

Hi Charlie, please contact Heller service ServiceNJ@hellerindustries.com to get calibration verification procedure.

QFN Rework Issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 13:55:10 EST 2019 | jimpat

Out of curiosity is it actual silver or silver colored - ie. Nickel? Are you out of NJ by any chance?


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 29 16:56:53 EST 1998 | Sam Sangani

I'm looking for existing assembly business for sale in Tri-State(NY,NJ,CT)area. We are the largest PC boards and SMT laser CUT stencil manufacturer in the state of NJ. Please contact me directly at 973-284-1600 or E-mail me at pnc@nac.net. Thanks in

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 21:54:36 EST 2003 | jonfox

Good comment about the "passthrough" CAMALOT. I like that one. About the beer...when I was in field service, I was a microbrew nut, and still one of my favorites is Fat Tire from the Boulder, CO area. honorable mentions out West are (yes) Pyramid

Re: RF absorber

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 09:33:00 EST 2000 | Dave F

Try: AI Technology 70 Washington Rd Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 609) 609-799-9388 Fax: 609-799-9308 www.aitechnology.com/enter.html ait@aitechnology.com Good luck Dave F

Re: Desiccators

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 29 12:13:50 EST 1999 | Mike McMonagle

Justin, You might want to look at the McDry storage cabinets, you can see them at http://www.seikausa.com. They are also carried by Metal Etching Technology in NJ at 609-261-2670. Not pass-through, but a variety of sizes and 3 different RH levels. M

BGA Seminars and advice on repairs.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 22:11:22 EST 1999 | E. Coli

Looking for a few good seminars here on the east coast (NY, NJ, PA, etc) on the topic of BGA's, BGA Repair and Rework, etc. Any suggestions ?? Thanks.

Re: Temperature Stickers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 17:36:06 EST 1999 | Dave F

| Hi. Does anyone know where one can purchase temperature stickers (the ones that change color) for PCB profiling? | C: Try these guys: Tempil, 2901 Hamilton Blvd., SPainfield, NJ 07080 908.757.8300 fax 9273 Dennis Redline TTYL Dave F

Looking to buy Assembly Bussiness

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 08 10:40:49 EST 1998 | Sam Sangani

We are looking into buying Printed circuit surface mount board assembly bussiness in tri-state(NY,NJ,CT)area. Please contact me via E-mail(pnc@nac.net)- Sam

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