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conductive circuit printer on thin film

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 00:10:13 EDT 2021 | sarason

The company that does this is McDermid. There are multiple different ways of doing it. Screen print silver paste onto the mylar, "activate" the film to be conductive, then plate in copper. These processes are found in the patent literature which is e

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 16:49:14 EST 2007 | dyoungquist

I am looking for data on the yield of printed circuit board assemblies so that I can judge if our SMT line is performing up to typical industry standards. Following I will describe the details of the assembly and what our yield has been. Each board

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 12:17:31 EST 2007 | Cmiller

Our first pass yield across all our products is above 95% but we include anything that does not meet IPC standards. Probably 75% of our failures are not electrical. AOI is a great tool to get a consistent measure of your process. I dont know how anyo


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