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Gold Surface Finish on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 22:41:44 EST 2005 | davef

Mike: You're correct, but in better shops there are guys with little black books in their back pocket. They know how to contol their variables and give you a good product. I worked at this plant where we cooked dirt. It glowed orange-red and flow

Latent shorts on QFN package

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 10:32:34 EST 2009 | fountain42

Yes, We've already experienced this same problem. 1) What kind of flux are you using? No Clean? Rosin? OA? 2) If it's OA, What kind of water wash do you do? Do you use DI water? How Hot? Who's machine? What are the pressures? 3) Have you performed a

Re: silver finishes on pcbs - what about the wave?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 08:00:57 EST 2000 | Pete B

John, We regularly wave solder electroless silver finished boards (Alpha Level)with mixed SMD and through hole parts and do not have any problems. We have changed a number on PCB's from HASL to electroless silver, mainly for the benefits at SMD whe


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