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no clean flux + wave soldering issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 28 11:31:17 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

Matt solder mask finishes gives the widest process window in view of potential amount of residues when using No-Clean. Shiny (glass like) finishes are more sensitive to residues due to lower surface area compared to matt finish. If the shiny finish i

QFN PCB Pad no Drain Hole

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 18:00:55 EDT 2013 | hegemon

With regards to first picture.(Large themal vias) I would attempt to measure the area of the ground pad, less the area of the "drain" holes or Thermal Vias. From that result I would reduce the aperture to account for about 50% coverage of that remai

QFN PCB Pad no Drain Hole

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 19:10:47 EDT 2013 | anvil1021

We do a lot of these devices and I guess I am not familiar the term "Dry Solder". The QFN device is not designed to have a drain hole, but needs to have thermal vias to control heat in most cases. We have used every possible gnd pad design and modifi


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