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Re: water soluable or no clean flux?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 12:19:13 EDT 1999 | Brian

| Hi all, | | We have a little discussion here about the suitable flux for a certain process, as all of us are beginners we need your advice. | | We are producing VGA cards and mother boards for PC's all components to be wave soldered are TH, the S

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 10 12:47:36 EDT 2001 | procon

Hi Jacob, NC vs WS, what a story! No-clean paste means no-clean for your products but what a mess it makes in your reflow systems. If you are a contract maunufacturer of high volume production, then No-Clean is they way to go. This helps keep your co

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 09 14:28:58 EDT 2001 | Kelvin

No-clean solder paste is definately a trend for tomorrow. However, there are several points you need to consider before you shift from WS to no-clean: 1. Component quality - No-clean solder paste generally (not essentially) get a lower avtivity than

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 10 23:49:17 EDT 2001 | Robert Sykoh

No-clean is definitely a cheaper process. It will eliminte cleaning. Some issues associated with no-clean are: -- the flux stain left behind on the PCB will create a cosmetic issue. You may want to seek advice from your customers. -- next, the flux

Re: When using noclean flux or clean flux process?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 02:45:23 EDT 1999 | Brian

| | Dear All, | | | | In order to understand the soldering technologies in SMT, I'd like to understand why some cards are soldered and then cleaned, or only soldered whitout water cleaning nor "ultra sound" wavelength. | | | | I mean that I wonder

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 14:19:35 EDT 2001 | Spanky

Jake, The No-cleans on the market, to me, still aren't as good as OA and water wash. But they have gotten better. The type of No-Clean flux and paste to use really depends on each individual assembly, the machines used, settings, and the environme

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 08:53:08 EDT 2001 | onset

Hi our company is currently using a water soluable paste. We have heard that no-clean solder paste has gotten alot better over the years and are thinking about making the switch. Our main concern is that our solder joints will not look as good as t

Kyzen or Zestron?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 14:05:32 EDT 2007 | grics

Good afternoon... I am pretty new to a lot of things in the electronics manufacturing realm and could use some help on some issues from the big guys... Our company is a contract manufacturer for many customers. We use multiple paste and flux types

No-Clean or water

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 22:01:30 EDT 2001 | davef

Others make good points. Consider "TP-1115 - Selection & Implementation Strategy for A Low-Residue No-Clean Process" as a starting point. Remember that in-bound components and boards can be loaded with unNC res that can turn the best implemented

Flux or Solder Paste?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 07:41:39 EST 2006 | billyd

I'm reworking lead free BGAs now, on a Conceptronics Freedom 3000. I use flux only (no-clean, Indium) all the time, with no issues. If you go to paste, you also understand that you still have to hit the same temperatures as with flux, as the solder i

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