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Cleaning of 'No-Clean' paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 06:24:07 EDT 1999 | Steve Cheung

We are changing over to a No-Clean paste soon and l was wondering how other people tackle the issue of stencil and PCB cleaning in high-volume production. The paste we are using is Cobar 325RX and its pretty sticky stuff let me tell you! Our proble

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 08:25:43 EDT 2005 | davef

Q1 Can anyone explain to me what is the clean and non clean solder? A1 The trend away from CFCs has lead many users to evaluate switching to no-clean soldering processes. The term "no-clean" is actually a common misnomer when used to describe a flux

lead free no-clean printing paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 13:01:07 EDT 2000 | qsheng

What is the difference of formulation No-Clean Sn63 with No-Clean lead free paste? Is there techniocal data in detail for performance property of No-Clean lead free paste (for example, viscosity, solderability, tack, print life, reflow profile)? Is

oa paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 16:32:33 EDT 2001 | LloydG

OA: as in Organic Activated type of Solder paste, meaning the flux vehicle is an organic type. which is actually a water-soluble type. this is the opposite of a NoClean type.

No-clean solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 18:32:45 EST 2001 | Steve

The design engineers I work with are blaming some circuit problems on what they think might be related to the no-clean flux residue. (It couldn't be the design.) Has any body else seen noise issues in high speed circuits related to no-clean flux resi

Clean Solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 08:24:37 EDT 2003 | davef

Please help us understand better what you seek. Is it: * Cleanable low residue solder paste * No-clean solder paste * Someother paste

Clean Solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 13 12:22:19 EDT 2003 | stepheno

When you say "clean solder paste", do you mean not "no clean"? "clean solder paste" is not a common term and I for one do not understand what you mean by it. I believe you mean "water soluble" Commonly there is "no clean" and "water soluble". The

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 12:59:16 EDT 2009 | realchunks

I have run design of experiments on screen printers and most times people forget about the type of board you are running; the condition of the board; manufacturer of the paste as I have seen Type 4 no-clean no-lead pastes react very differently using

Re: Cleaning of 'No-Clean' paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 11:02:08 EDT 1999 | Bill Schreiber

Mike failed to list the company that introduced the first ultrasonic stencil cleaner in 1990. The company remains the leader in stencil cleaning worldwide: Smart Sonic Corporation Tel: 1(800)906-4407 Fax: 1(818) 909-6409 e-mail: smt@smatrsonic.com w

Re: Cleaning of 'No-Clean' paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 12:33:03 EDT 1999 | Mike Konrad

You are correct in your assessment that no-clean pastes are difficult to clean. I understand why you would need to clean lots of stencils, but why would you need to clean "high volumes" of PCB's? If you are planning on cleaning high volumes of PCB'

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