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DEK Galaxy CAN Node Not Responding Error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 22:42:50 EDT 2016 | dinhhuunam

CAN Node Not Responding This problem can be caused by either: 1. Faulty Node 2. CAN bus cable disconnected. 3. No power to CAN Node.

DEK Galaxy CAN Node Not Responding Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 04:20:58 EDT 2016 | jasltd

Thanks, I have managed to get a step further and now get the additional info on the error that it is node 1. All cables are connected, will double check the power but I believe it has power, I seem to be able to drive everything in diagnostics mode

DEK Galaxy CAN Node Not Responding Error

Electronics Forum | Mon May 30 20:17:54 EDT 2016 | jasltd

Hi Folks, I'm having issues with our dek Galaxy which is randomly having and reporting the error CAN Node Not Responding. Has anyone seen / fixed this error before?


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 10:56:32 EST 2005 | Rob

If the Leds are not in close proximity then LDR's can be used connected to a node on the ICT/wired into a micro for a simpler board - you can then test for luminous intensity as well as absence. Else you could use a cheap CCD camera with some simple

SMT Barcode controls

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 05:33:15 EDT 2015 | buckcho

I worked with one accuflex, but it didn't have that option on it. I know that MPM offers its own software called PrintTrack: http://www.speedlinetech.com/products/printers/features?node_title=Accela So maybe you just have to buy that option for you.

DEK Horizone 03ix

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 21:40:49 EDT 2015 | gafur

hi all...please give me advice..my machine dek horizon 03ix error can node machine I/O...thank's before...

DEK Horizone 03ix

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 03 00:52:23 EDT 2015 | dekhead

Have you checked status on main machine I/O (Node 2) on the rear of the machine? LED status? www.dekhead.com

DEK Horizone 03ix

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 03 06:01:38 EDT 2015 | gafur

yes i've...main I/O node 2 already swap with other dek horizon machine...the result is good...

DEK Galaxy CAN Node Not Responding Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 08:45:41 EDT 2016 | emeto

If it is intermittent it is definitely cable or connector. Check all connections first and if not, replace the cable that is moving/bending.

Need help with my IoT Project ESP8266 NodeMcu to ESP12-E

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 27 17:18:02 EDT 2021 | osfuco

Good evening, I am doing a project in which I want to measure air quality. I started the project with the ESP8266 NodeMcu board and three sensors, temperature (DHT22), VOC's (CCS811) and PM (PPD42). I have it all assembled with a breadboard and the

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