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New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 15:47:56 EST 2006 | avalancher

MYDATA has many service technicians on the Western US. I believe there is specifically one in Oregon, and one in Washington/Idaho border to name just a few.

PCB Test and Troubleshooting Rates

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 10:11:03 EDT 2008 | bandjwet

We recently sent some PCB assemblies along with the schematics to a test services provider. Afer paying for the NRE tooling charges we were paying $75.00 per hour for the service providers Level 1 test technicians. Does this sound like a fair rate (w

old threads and questionable motives

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 13:14:17 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

Greg, One thing about this site is the fact that it is an open forum. This means that anyone can pretty much say anything. Keep that in mind if you are representing a company that produces equipment that does not work as advertised, you may get �un-

PM 460 problems and solutions

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 24 11:20:57 EDT 2004 | sagan

Hello everyone. The company i work for owns a PM570L and a PM460. The PM460 recently came from service repairs and it has a problem that me and the technicians at Zevatech AG are trying to solve but i would like to hear from anyone with experience o

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 17:28:47 EST 2006 | adlsmt

I would agree that anyone buying a new machine should run boards on it. As well I agree with almost everything you said. We did run boards on a Mydata machine. If we were shorter runs and higher mix I would have bought one. We paid a local comapny a

Pick and Place Operation-Support Costs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 10:48:49 EDT 2004 | Jon W.

Dr. Lou, Your first question is influenced by many variables. New equipment will have the first year free parts, labor and service. You may discuss a long term at time of purchase. Older equipment may (depending on maintenance) have a higher chance

CP4 / CP6 Feeder calibration and PM

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 15:26:51 EST 2007 | jdumont

Full time feeder technician? .... How many feeders do you have?

Manuals for Assembleon FCM-2 and TECHNICIAN

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 04 04:35:35 EST 2016 | vinitverma

Send me an email at vinit@prosem.in

CP4 / CP6 Feeder calibration and PM

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 12:17:03 EST 2007 | cyber_wolf

Hi, I am taking a survey. How many CP6/CP4 feeders should an experienced technician be able to calibrate and PM in an 8 hour shift ? Exclude major repairs. Just cleaning,lube and calibrate. We have implemented a full time feeder technician and I wa

CP4 / CP6 Feeder calibration and PM

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 16:47:26 EST 2007 | aj

A full time feeder technician - who would do such a job full time ? You would be better off implementing daily PMs for the machine operators & give them the responsibility of looking after them. Get your technician to be responsible for introducing

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