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non magnetic header pins

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 09:59:10 EST 2005 | David

tring to find non magenetic surface mount header pins

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 00:22:08 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

Hi Gani, non-wettting issues can surely be resolved. At first, would appreciate if the following info could be shared. Do you supply just one PCBA product to this client or is the complaint towards one of the many products that you deliver? Also, doe

Component non wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 21:50:28 EDT 2004 | adam

Hi I recently having problems on the components having non wetting on the flex circuits. The profile that I am using is according to the solder paste suppiler recommended. Can anyone pls. advise? Regards

non magnetic smt resistors

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 08:39:33 EST 2005 | David N Nadel

Looking for non magnetic 1% surface mount resistors. Does anyone have a clue where to find them?

non conformance analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 14:31:27 EDT 2005 | russ

Here is the way I have it. Evaluate non-conformances and provide root cause, corrective, and preventative actions to eliminate re-occurence or provide satisfactory screening methods for such..

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 20:59:23 EDT 2010 | genesan

hi All, Here i snap shot previous PCB(HASL) and current PCB(Immersion Silver).Base on the photo it could be PCB oxidize cause the non wetting?

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 13:37:51 EDT 2010 | dan_ems

Hi Gany, did you check the temperature at reflow profile on this BGA ?

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 01:16:36 EDT 2010 | dan_ems

Hello, what type of solder paste use, and this component is made for lead process?

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 03:04:13 EDT 2010 | genesan

kester 562 clean process and this leaded part.

Component non wetting

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 04:55:42 EDT 2004 | Richard

Have you tried using Concoat MUST II solderability tester to test on the component terminal are of good solderability. Non-wetting may occur due to oxidation or contamination on component terminal. So for immediate response to you problems is to used

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