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Dye Penetration test for area array package failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 18:11:03 EDT 2001 | davef

First, what on the area array package are you analyzing � * Package cracking? * Cracked solder balls? * Er, what? Second, most failure analysis discussions consider dye penetration to be a non-destructive test, but then again most failure analysis

Presence of Copper

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 14:30:32 EDT 2012 | bandjwet

Put on your Chemical Thinking Caps..... We are ablating the mask of a PCB which was over a copper layer. This exposes copper. Outside of an electrical test (no can do) how could we use a fast non-destructive test in order to determine that copper (

Black Pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 08:50:07 EST 2006 | Amol Kane

I read a paper somewhere that outlines a non destructive test for black pad detection. it showuld be on my hard drive. Black pad is as a result of impurities in the plating bath and poor process control. I shall dig up the paper and mail it to you if

Component failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 08:23:29 EDT 2005 | jbragg

Hi Peter, I'm not sure where you're located, but I work for Celestica in our Component Failure Analysis and Reliability Testing Lab in Toronto Ontario Canada. We are an idenpendent lab with full FA component, assembly and PWB capabilities and would

Black Pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 11:51:16 EST 2006 | jax

I don't believe I have ever seen a non-destructive test for "Black Pad" that I could take back to a Fab house and collect monetary losses with... But if this test method actually does hold merit then collect away. I would like to know how this metho

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 11 11:56:20 EST 2003 | Mark

Please inspect the pcb were the components were "lost" Check if the glue dots were lef on the PCB.If so you have a component which has been contaminated.If the dots dont appear on the PCB,which is the more common of the 2,there is an adhesion problem

Re: Inprocess Cu plating measurement tools/machine for Flex.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 12:00:01 EST 2000 | K. Ckak

Hi Folks, I am looking for some info. and possibly a source on measuring inprocess copper plating thickness for Flex PCB manufacturing facilities. I have tried XRF, E-Current method but the supplier told us that it wont work with Flex material - th

Component failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 13:25:10 EDT 2005 | MMurison

MUAnalysis is an independent lab for Component Failure Analysis and Reliability Testing in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We also would be pleased to discuss your analysis needs. We also perform all non-destructive testing, e.g. visual, x-ray, C-SAM, el

Re: Bare PWB bake out during circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 21:22:34 EST 1999 | chartrain

Amazing in today's technology that people still bake because "that's the way we've alawys done it". Baking is a band aid for poor manufacturing of the PCB. Moisture can become trapped between the layers during buildup. This moisture when it contacts

Re: Who Are The X-Men?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 16:58:30 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| It seems like most people want to X-Ray their BGAs. We're going to start doing a lot more of them and need to consider X-ray, too. | Q: Do most people/companies X-ray everyBGA or do they just do SPC? | Q: Can you get away with spending 25K? 30K? H

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