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Solder paste height checking

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 01:01:10 EST 2005 | vicknesh28

All, Has there been any finding from the component point of view in terms of non wets after reflow and if yes, can anyone share what was improved on the component to reduce the non wet defective levels. What would be the contribution from the compon

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 22:05:34 EST 2007 | shy

currently i'm open my stencil aperture is 80% from the land pattern. is this will cause insufficient solder at the terminal component or not? the stencil thichness is 6mil and the board run using SMT pallet which i consider there will be no option f

Solderality problems with SN100C Lead Free Hasl

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 09:45:26 EDT 2006 | bradlanger

Greg, All the above. It looked like it was going to be a drop for SNPB HASL at first but after a few thousand boards we started running into all the problems you are describing. We first started seeing non wetting on SMT pads. The solder would wet t

HASL PCB non-wetting

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 01:06:25 EST 1998 | Victor Ng

Dear all, Recently I have a problem of non-wetting at our wave soldering process. It appears only on the SMT pads for the chip components (at the solder side) of the HASL PCB. With all the same parameters on the wave soldering machine, i

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 20:30:58 EST 2007 | shy

Q: I thought you said that the parts that weren't wetting in reflow were the parts with epoxy. A: Yes you're correct. Q: The question I have is do they wet in wave solder, and if they do, why does it matter what happens to them in ref

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 08:53:17 EST 2007 | jaimebc

Shy, Our 5 and 6 mils stencils have home plate apertures and reduced by 10% and using SMT adhesive. Never had a problem with components non wetting like you have. I do believe that you are not screening enough paste, something about the dog bone ape

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 23 07:51:25 EST 2007 | shy

Hi there, kindly help to advice me either epoxy/glue at bottom SMT component such as chip package 2012 will cause the component to be non-wetting after run reflow process?

SMT Component Design Requirements

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 17:47:37 EDT 2002 | russ

What is the determination of poor soldering fails pull test, non-wetting, visual)? I have never heard of an SMT component that has leads higher than the body of the component. Refer to IPC 782 it provide the guidelines for SMT standoff heig

Contamination/process issues of SMT and wave soldered pcb's

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 03:23:04 EDT 2003 | loz

I have been advised recently about pcb manufacturers, that somehow or other supply pcb's with contamination. Visually they are fine, but problems arise during SMT manufacture, ie solder balling, non-wetting on pads, and also during wave solder proces

Non-wetting: PTH on double-side reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 05:37:35 EDT 2005 | Bryan

Some weeks has passed,Can SMT eng. show us your results of this issue?so that we can learn something from it

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