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Novastar / APS Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 12:01:44 EST 2005 | Mike

Any end users of Novastar reflow ovens? Would appreciate input on the good, the bad, the ugly.Thanks.

Novastar replacement parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 10:34:19 EDT 2008 | kevslatvin

I would think you could contact Novastar as they are still around. We used to have an APS P&P machine(which is part of Novastar)and now have a Novastar reflow oven. Thay have always been good to work with for tech support/parts. Their website is here

Novastar model 1000 document

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 27 10:03:21 EDT 2002 | francoiscal

Is there any body that would have the specifications for the novastar model 1000 in there plant. We seem to have vanish this document from the plant. I went on the Novastar web site but this is an old model. So if anybosy would have this document it

Novastar Wave Soldering Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 13:40:39 EST 2005 | Sematech

You can do much better than Novastar, their systems once made in Germany -now completely designed and manufactured in India and the quality control has suffered as well as Novastar'ss reputation and ability to keep up technologically. These machines

Novastar Wave Machine Parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 15:46:34 EDT 2020 | ianblack

We have a Novastar 14 FD wave machine vintage 2005. CPU board fried and I am working with Novastar to get a replacement. They don't have any and are having to make me a new board. Wanted to know of anybody who deals with used machines and parts that


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 10 11:53:31 EST 2004 | Kratzman

Any one have anything to say about experiences with Novastar technologies? We are considering their reflow and wave machines. I am particulary wrried about support, they are a very small company.

Novastar Wave Soldering Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 13:09:28 EST 2005 | barryg

WE have had one for many years, it has been very reliable, They are not the cadillac of wave machines, but suitable. Parts from novastar are pricy, but again we have not had many problems.

Novastar Wave Soldering Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 16:54:48 EST 2005 | Docutech

Right, brilliant thread! I concur the Novastar preheater is junk and the pot drosses much more than our Electroverts. Save your dough and buy a used machine first.

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 16:29:51 EDT 2007 | anthony

Novastar is JUNK, that is why you cannot get repeatable results. Check the conveyor rails, you will find they are warped. Novastar uses cheap, non-machined rails. Straight from china or india. Their stuff is garbage. Best to swallow the loss and star

Novastar replacement parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 14:03:27 EDT 2008 | lharris

Already spoke with Novastar, and they only offer replacement parts for the preheating elements and fingers for this model, which was discontinued in 1997. Thanks though for your reply.

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