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Z force sensor error mydata 11

Feb 17, 2020 | Hi all I am experiencing z force sensor errors on a couple of different nozzles ( not hydra ) any h

Cracks other than MLCC

Nov 18, 2019 |

Cracks other than MLCC

Nov 13, 2019 | I have seen resistors cracked during placement. The part was programmed incorrectly and the nozzle p


Apr 24, 2019 | Here is a newer procedure I found, that is more in depth with better illustration. The nozzle jig, i

Topaz X error

Feb 13, 2019 | The heads attach to the nozzles, or vise versa, so both. At least that's what it seems to look like.

Topaz X error

Feb 12, 2019 | if you want I have a service manual for Topaz-Xii - there is a new nozzle calibration program, but t

Topaz X error

Feb 12, 2019 | Do you have a service manual? There is a description of how to check and CALIBRATE the nozzle sensor

PCBA Depanelers

Feb 1, 2019 |

Flason SMT Products

Oct 4, 2018 |

Urethane Coating - Universal Remover/Cleaner

Aug 20, 2018 | Toluol (toluene). I use it in the solvent cups in my PVA machines to keep the nozzles wetted. We als

Quad qsv-1

Jun 27, 2018 |

Juki 740 head calibration jig?

Jun 9, 2018 | It is Juki CAL PIECE A E3622721000 calibration jig. It is also necessary to have 508 nozzle in ATC.


May 15, 2018 |

Fuji IP 2 part data issue

May 10, 2018 |


Apr 11, 2018 | might like to check the backup on Juki if you are in the UK. we can help with custom nozzles for mos

Panasonic AM100 placement of melfs

Mar 12, 2018 | hello you can use the specific nozzles 161 or fix the pickup on axis y: 0.20mm.


Nov 30, 2017 |

EBSO SPA250/400

Oct 31, 2017 |

EBSO SPA250/400

Sep 25, 2017 | hi everyone, i'm looking for someone to fabricate new or sell used wetted nozzles for Ebso SPA 250/4

LED sticking into carrier tape

Sep 6, 2017 | You need to slow down the machine for starters. Try rotating your nozzle so that the touches the

LED sticking into carrier tape

Aug 1, 2017 | Are you using a custom nozzle meant for the domed LEDs? If not, that should help quite a bit and ar

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Apr 11, 2017 | Hi Andras, we use Qinyi in China for nozzles and feeders for the YV machines, it's probably worth tr

Mydata software

Apr 5, 2017 | the package should have nozzle(midas) and camera pre-selected(hydra camera will not work(try standar

Manual for Samsung SM482 machine

Mar 29, 2017 | Hello everyone, I want to know how to change the force of the blow in the nozzles, somehow you know

problems picking up PANASONIC ERJ-12ZYJ203U resister.

Feb 3, 2017 | Is it the weight of the component versus nozzle size and vacuum pressure? sarason

Does pot temperature affects quality of the solder joints?

Feb 3, 2017 | Is this for a Selective Solder? If so what size nozzle do you run. I run at 315 C most of the time.

Component over turn after feeding

Jan 22, 2017 | Dear Mr. Sang, Have you checked the pick-up position. Could the nozzle descend too much and distu

Flexjet to Flex

Dec 12, 2016 | Yes, that should be possible. You will need flex nozzle changers and different LP servo cards for he

looking for any body that works on old Panasonic MV, Fuji CP642, Speedline MPM 2000 and 3000

Aug 29, 2016 | We had this issue with our old MV 150. This was usually due to clogged/dirty or bent nozzles, or cl


Jul 1, 2016 | its spray fluxer we deassemble the nozzle clean and reassamble again. flux tank also clean with IP

Topaz Xll tall components

Apr 28, 2016 | Hi Marius, If you discover you need custom nozzles get a quote from here. http://www.nozzleforled.

Yamaha Feeders

Mar 22, 2016 |

samsung cp-45 and cp-60

Jan 23, 2016 |


Mar 19, 2015 | We offer a custom CP-8 Nozzle with 0.3mm taper tip that can handle 01005 components. Please email me

Universal GSM 2

Oct 20, 2014 |

chip placed upside down

Jun 11, 2014 |

chip placed upside down

Jun 10, 2014 |

best reflow oven

Software for SMT