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ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 10:24:53 EST 2013 | jaimebc

Recently, we have been experimenting with the 1.8/2.5 nozzle to be able to solder leads that are near an SMD. This pcbs were not design for selective solder, so we are trying to work within this limitations. I found the 1.8 nozzle very hard to insta

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 18:51:08 EST 2013 | tombstonesmt

We use a 2mm with our Pillarhouse Jade Mark II. We found that reducing the nitrogen enough that the area around the nozzle stays hot enough not to "freeze".

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 10:54:38 EST 2013 | jaimebc

Thanks for the pointer tombstonesmt, I'll give that a shot. Being able to utilize this nozzle will help tremendously. I'll post results as they become available.

Replacement IP2 nozzles/feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 14:16:54 EDT 2010 | jdengler

I don't find this P/N in my list of 2.5mm IP2 nozzles. But we buy from and have bad nozzles repaired by SMT Researh. www.smtresearch.com Jerry

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 13:49:17 EDT 2002 | soupatech

Question: I am going to start placing 3mm x 3mm plastic smt leds and want the absolute lowest errors caused by the nozzle either dropping or allowing the part to shift. Would a 2.5mm nozzle be too big for the 3mm part. My logic is that the more surfa

Replacement IP2 nozzles/feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 05:38:15 EDT 2010 | chrislyttle

Could anyone recommend somewhere i could order a new AIPH4090 2.5mm nozzle for a Fuji IP2? I tried Fuji but they tell me that its no longer available from them and they have no alternative. I also might need to order extra feeders along with it.

Fuji CP4 & 0402

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 05:42:21 EST 2008 | aj

Hi all, Is anyone out there placing 0402 with a CP4? Not sure how reliable it would be and also how do work around the nozzle setup ? we currently have 2.5mm ,1.3mm & 1.0mm so do you remove say 6 x 2.5mm and put in 0.7mm. Any replies appreciated.

Conformal Coating Machines.........

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 21:33:56 EST 2006 | mrduckmann2000

jdumont, We have a capacitor and an inductor that stick up approx 2.5", any problems with the spray nozzle working around tall objects? Thank you for your input.

Trouble selective soldering fine pitch connectors

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 10 13:26:40 EST 2012 | dyoungquist

We are using our selective solder machine to solder a backplane with sixteen (16) 4x48 pin 0.080" connectors. Our first pass yield is about 85% meaning that 85% of the connectors come out with no bridges. Not quite as fine pitch as your connector a

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 25 09:57:31 EDT 2013 | jaimebc

We aquired an ERSA ECOSELECT 2 selective soldering machine. So we are going through a learning curve and I would like to hear from ERSA users on this subject. The main concern is to keep the miniwave steady, it seems that it " bounces" a lot and is

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