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chip placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 10 23:06:28 EDT 2014 | demzvill

In our assumption also, nozzle is magnetized because the chip termination is made up of alloy so possibilty that when there is excessive contact between two metals there magnetic field produce, so during z up chip is magnetize on the nozzle causing i

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 15:33:49 EST 2004 | J Smithj

We were and still are having problems with magnetized nozzles on the HSP 4796. The problem was found when numerous parts were thrown after being placed on pad. It appeared to be picking parts up off the board after placement. Nozzles were pulled out

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 08:42:09 EST 2004 | Primus

We have four 4796 machines, and I have not yet seen this problem. By chance did You check to see if the Nozzle Storage Plate is magnetized? Just a thought. Hope this helps.

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 26 09:42:20 EST 2004 | kauer

Any luck with the Nozzles?

ERSA versa as alternative to wave soldering in low vol high mix

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 10:22:01 EDT 2005 | cmiller

We change the nozzles depending on the job. Do you have the magnetic nozzles? We upgraded to that. Usually we use the smaller ones.

Who makes the best after market Fuji nozzles ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 16 11:41:26 EST 2008 | fredc

I think fuji and all the after market suppliers use stainless "hypo" tubing for the tips. It is made from 304 stainless which is normally nonmagnetic. In the process of forming this tubing to the hypo specs it is work hardened to 3/4 to full hardness

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 13:17:59 EST 2004 | Gabriele

Make sure chips (some Resistor contain nickel,or A-42 (Fe-Ni)leads made like SOT-23, etc )some time they also are magnetized and get attracted by nozlles tips. rgds

Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 26 21:28:55 EST 2004 | Dean

If this is in regards to the manufacturing floor: I can remember years ago I had an Fuji IP3 + MTU4. Used square magnets to hold tray stacks square to the machine. Manufacturing manager told me they should not be used. Apparantly the magnetic fie

SMT Component placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 11:58:44 EDT 2005 | GS

Are the pick up nozzles metal made (ironmagnetic material)? Some time magnetic residual on metal nozzles can generate pbm like that when chips terminations have nickel and when SOt or similar packages have terminal A42 alloy made. Time ago got pbm l

chip placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 10:24:29 EDT 2014 | demzvill

Do you mean that the vacuum will lift up the chip before it touches it? We are planning to evaluate a ceramic nozzle to get rid of magnetization. What is your thoughts on this? Thank you

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