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Re: straddle mount connectors

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 15 10:53:27 EDT 1998 | Process Engineer

| can any body help on assembling straddle mount connectors on to a board? for information on the connector - it is a berg micropak connector Automated and/or hand assembly?? Inline/offline configuration. Paste on both sides of connector pads?? Onse

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 15:06:04 EST 2005 | JB

We are a high mix low volume company. We run Universl HSP's chipshooters and GSM's for all our oddform components. The combination of this two platforms give us all the versatility that we need. From 0402's 0604's etc. to SMT headers, connectors, yo

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 05 15:36:48 EST 2005 | etienne

Hi Brad, I suggest you get in contact with Sony. http://www.sonyfa.com/si_e1000/sie1000_producthome.cfm They got the SI E-1100, capable of placing QFPs64/0.5mm simultaenously with all other heads full of components, not like many other machines. See

Re: Straddle mount connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 13:21:18 EDT 1999 | Bob Barr

Ron, We use 100 pin straddle mount connectors on some of our 1.6mm boards (up to eight per board.) They come to us from the vendor with a bead of solder on the somewhat 'J' shaped leads. Our process is as follows: Mount connector to board with hard

Re: Surface mount machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 03:33:26 EDT 1999 | Scott Davies

Anybody using trolleys with the pick-n-place machines and do you splice to the empty reels? Does it work ? ================================================================= I can totally support Charles' comments with regard to reel splicing, ie. if

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 16 05:22:36 EST 2005 | dorklover664

I�ve worked as an SMT operator for 3 different companies. And have worked with six different types of pick and place machines. I can tell you what I know. The first place I worked at was high volume low mix and we ran Fuji�s. They are by far the best

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 05:20:06 EST 2005 | Rob

Find out your maximum feeder loading (number of slots taken up, not number of feeders - 8mm, 16mm, 44mm, waffle packs tubes etc), and your likely long term max feeder loading (ie what is in the pipeline, or could be). Next find out your required run

Z force sensor error mydata 11

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 17 18:53:34 EST 2020 | richgreen01

Hi all I am experiencing z force sensor errors on a couple of different nozzles ( not hydra ) any help appreciated.

Battery clip nozzle

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 06:26:44 EDT 2015 | piyakorn

Hi At our SMT mounting found battery clip stick in the reel pocket and some dropped under pick&place machine from the nozzle can not pick out the part which got recommendation should change the nozzle type from standard placement to be clip sho

ipulse M4e surface mount machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 16:04:56 EST 2007 | tiucric

Firstly , we are installing an ipulse m4e smt machine later this year. If any are being used in your production process please let me know just how good or bad the machine operates, any advance of information regarding problems : placement , nozzles

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