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Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 15:41:26 EST 2000 | Squirel

Does anyone know what NPI stands for? I think it is New Product something. Thanks


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 16:24:21 EST 2000 | Jim Mills

NPI stands for New Product Introduction.


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 16:28:55 EST 2000 | Squirel

Thankyou very much!!!!!!

How long for NPI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 21 17:06:55 EDT 1998 | Jerry

I have some general questions about new product introduction: 1. How much capacity on the average is committed (line shifts) are committed by your factory to NPI? ie. We commit one line on 8 hour shift per day to NPI. 2. How many NPI's would you com

Aegis Factory Logix

Electronics Forum | Mon May 25 01:50:48 EDT 2015 | alexeis

Hi, As we found, Valor have a best NPI tools but other parts are limited and is not completed. Also, Valor was a single solution for NPI about 10-15 years ago, but today you can find NPI tools from China, Europe, USA and other that can do the same a

NPI Qualification Checklist

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 06:45:21 EDT 2003 | Jim Connolly

Hello All, I'm looking for a NPI Manufacturing checklist, for the qualification of a electronic manufacturing process. Has anybody seen any good ones around? Thanks & Regards, Jim.

Design for Assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 20:18:13 EDT 2019 | mikeybarber

How much is a license for NPI and Parts library? Mentor has a reputation for being gold-plated.

Aegis Factory Logix

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 11 05:36:28 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Valor MSS NPI is far more powerful than all the lower cost solutions, I had customer assess all their lower cost solutions and found no real added value, if want more than just SMT programming. NPI needs Stencil Optimisation , DFM analysis, DFT engi

MPM UP2000HiE software versions

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 28 11:05:27 EST 2022 | atpico

We have 7.2E (MS-DOS variant) software version on our printer and there are some annoying bugs and less than optimal NPI process (when the new board need to be put on and put off the rails several times during NPI teaching). Is there a known newer/be

Glad to help

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 12:51:37 EDT 1998 | John

1. One line/shift 2.One NPI per shift 3. 75 to 125 hours depending on complexity, includes MRP prep, doc. prep and prove-in

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