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Copper oxide

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 02 08:12:05 EDT 2003 | davef

Q: So, can I concluded that this greenish "fungus" looking staff is not initiated from high hot air temperature setting ? A: Your temperature setting could have increased the growth rate of this crunchy looking stuff, but we wouldn't start there to

Re: Fluxes

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 18:28:39 EST 2000 | Russ

I agree with Steve, Ultra Sonic fluxing with positive displacement instead of air pressure is key (at least in my experience). You might want to try the NR330 instead. It seems to give less solder balls and fills holes very well. Russ

Wave solder joint on PTH part

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 08:01:14 EST 2007 | pyro747

The wave process, Flux (NR 330) 3 zones preheat top and bottom side convection, with solder pot at 260 C. PCB is ran in a selective wave pallet.

Wave solder joint on PTH part

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 13:31:11 EST 2007 | John S.

Since it is in a pallet, I would be sure the preheat temperature is correct across the entire assembly. We've seen large temperatue delta's across assemblies that are soldered in pallets. Could be overheated even or contact time too long. Interest

VOC Free Flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 08:01:28 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

We use Indium 1074-EXR on ERSA, and it's performed miracles on our yields. Spot soldering, like wave, is all about fundamentals. Put just enough flux, preheat to prevent thermal shock and activate the flux, and then solder with enough dwell time to

Re: Wave Soldering No-Clean Bottom-Side SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 05:35:07 EDT 2000 | Donnie

There are a number of different things to ask youreself here. What type of flux are you using. 330, 351, 310 etc. Do you have a hot air knife? As for the residue, that's gonna show on almost any wave soldered pcb. We have fought the issue for a long

Copper oxide

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 11:33:51 EDT 2003 | yngwie

I faced problem over connecter's pin that were hot air soldered. This connector has 168 pins ( similar to the straddle connector ). The process is to apply the flux onto the connector's J-leads, and the hot air pencil were then ran thru' the leads to

Copper oxide

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 15:41:23 EDT 2003 | davef

Q: Could any of you guys tell me what exactly is this greenish thing ? A: No, but is not copper oxide. Copper oxide is brown, the color of a penny [here in the US] or an untreated copper laminated trace on a board. Many copper salts are greenish in

Re: Converting to 'No-Clean' process

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 18:42:32 EDT 2000 | Russ

Murad, I have just completed a switch over in our facility to no-clean. We used Alpha 609 and 857 paste and wave flux respectively. We currently use Alpha UP78 paste, NR330 wave flux, NR205 liquid flux for touchup and cleanline 7000 wire solder as

Re: Wave Soldering No-Clean Bottom-Side SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 12:17:22 EDT 2000 | C.K.

Donnie is correct. "NO-Clean" doesn't translate to "no-residue!"..... who's giving you hassle about this - your ICT guys??!! Residue remaining on your PCB substrate is a function of many different things - flux deposition, solder mask (glossy means

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