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lead substrate materials

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 09:10:48 EST 2002 | bob_smith

Hi Dave, Sorry about that. Specifically, I am referring to radial leads on a crystal. The leads are supposed to be gold plated but only 1/2 to 2/3 of the lead is plated. We bend the lead to form a foot which is soldered to a pad on the PCB. Normally

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 15:21:43 EST 2007 | pima

To be honest this product its only a part of bigger PCB, so we have only substrate with 3 FETs on it so no other components at substrate occurs and all substrate are staying at metal fixture. WE have already window pan aperture. WE producing this pro

Insulated Metal Substrate Pcb's -

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 05:28:55 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi, does that rosy cheeked sales vendor of yours, have a website I can review? do they have online info of that IMPCB? if not, any email contact I can inquiry with? just curious on that IMPCB... Thanks.

Insulated Metal Substrate Pcb's -

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 16:56:13 EDT 2002 | gsmguru

Look at: http://www.bergquistcompany.com/therm.htm The material is made by Bergquist Inc. All sorts of good stuff on their website. Look under Thermal Clad. Dave G

Differences between screen and stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 15:00:20 EST 2004 | glaucon

Simple differences. Both processes require a very similar machine platform, controlled motion, vision fiducial recognition and alignment of a substrate (PCB or hybrid ceramic) to the "image", the image being either a stencil (hence stencil printing)

electrically conductive adhesives

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 10:34:02 EST 2005 | Rob

Thanks Dave, From what I remember a lot of components went away from Silver Palladium to "base metal" terminations because of the difficulties in continuation of supply & stability of price. (Something about being mined in Chechnia or the Congo?) W

Insulated Metal Substrate Pcb's - "Thermal Clad"

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 13:23:37 EDT 2002 | gsmguru

Our design group is looking at using a IMPCB material for a power amplifier design. They would like to to use this because of it's excellent thermal properties. This would be used to create a "SIP" module that would plug into a std FR4 pcb with the c

Re: Think Film Hybrid Design

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 19:25:50 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| Jan 05, 1999 | | My question is: | Pls kindly advise what is the meant by a "Think Film hybrid design" and what are the advantages it would have on surface mount passive components e.g. capacitors and reisitors?? | | Thanks for your respond. | El

Re: Ceramic PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 08:30:44 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| Happy Holidays All, | I am searching out a vendor (US preferred) who can fabricate a ceramic PCb with etremely fine lines. | Please reply if you are a vendor, or know of one. | Thanks, | Wendy CERAMIC CIRCUITRY Starting with hybrid thick film circ

16 mil pitch QFP solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 07 04:02:50 EDT 2000 | C.J. Long

Good morning, All: I am from PCB shop and one of our customer is experiencing solder bridge on 16 mil pitch QFP( immersion gold finish). Land width requirement is 8 +/- 1 mil measured over top of of land and our mean is 7 mil. Bottom land width is 8

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