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nutek ntm110l instruction manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 06:20:11 EDT 2013 | JB

Hello, we have just bought a used nutek ntm110l and are looking for an instruction manual, anyone know where I can download one? Issue we have is that the bottom conveyor is constantly running, is there anyway to stop it? until we load a rack? some j

nutek ntm110l instruction manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 09:32:38 EDT 2013 | chris_flex

We have the same magazine-loaders. It´s not possible to stop the bottom conveyor. It`s hardcoded in the plc , you have to modify the plc-program to change this functionality. The instruction-manuals are also not generic as there are some different ve

nutek ntm110l instruction manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 12:06:20 EDT 2013 | JB

I've checked the sensors and they look ok, I'm guessing its the plc-program then. If you get it working i'd be interested in knowing how to do it to ours. Already checked with Nutek and the manual is quite expensive so I guess we'll do with out it.

nutek ntm110l instruction manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 16:13:46 EDT 2013 | markhoch

We occasionally have the same issue with ours, but it is caused when the sensor, (that is supposed to detect when the magazine has emptied), has been knocked out of alignment. If you a transmitter/sensor set mounted at the exit end, make sure that i

nutek ntm110l instruction manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 04:21:24 EDT 2013 | chris_flex

You`re right this is also a possible reason. But we have 2 Loaders from 1997 here where the error comes from the plc-program . Although all sensors are working fine the bottom conveyors are always running. We`ve planned to modify the program. BR


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