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Re: Reliability of coated Plastic encapsulated Microcircuits

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 16:00:24 EDT 1998 | David A. Pinsky

| Who knows something about the reliability of plasti PEMS and its enhancemant by application of conformal coating (Parylene, metal, SiO2, SiNxOx, etc.) ? We have performed failure analyses on PEM's in our lab for many years. The vast majority of pa

Re: How to measure N2 in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 07:06:42 EST 1999 | Charles Stringer

| | | | I need to setup an oven to run with a nitrogen atmosphere for | | boards with BGA's, but our ovens do not have the optional atmosphere monitor and controller. Is there a good way to sample and control the atmosphere without the optional bui


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