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Acrylic Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 09:53:13 EST 2003 | blnorman

Anyone using Acrylic conformal coatings? We're looking into using one, but one of the drawbacks is the odor. We have problems with any material that has a distinctive odor and our operators. Also the lines we would use it require repair after coat

Low Halide Wave soldering Flux

Electronics Forum | Sat May 28 06:40:24 EDT 2005 | steve

Aim offers excellent soldering fluxes. That said your probably dealing with the local representative. The FIRST question to ask when evaluating any chemistry is "What is the Availability of the flux". Distributors don't necessarily stock all of a man

Tribol 1421/SG

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 03:48:30 EST 2008 | lococost

Turmofluid 40b by lubcon, recommended by soltec, works well, no odors.

Conformal coat material dispensed through epoxy needle?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 13:41:41 EST 2017 | tombstonesmt

Dow Corning 3-1953 is widely used when it comes to silicone based conformal coatings. Low odor, medium viscosity, can be atomized or needle dispensed. We have our operators fill syringe cartridges for any minor touch up.

Prifiling Board life cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 24 19:12:06 EST 2007 | adamben10

I'm shadowing an old posting posted by Odor back in March 2002. Any Expert out there, if you have good answer to the below questions, please dive in...Thanks in advance. 1) Does anybody have done the profiling board life time experiment? 2) The prof

Datapaq Q18 strange things

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 06:55:12 EDT 2011 | cyber_wolf

Ok, so I have this weird thing going on with my Q18 logger. It sweats when I send it through the oven. The humidity in the plant seems to have no bearing on the sweating. Same results at 19% and 35%. The moisture has a vinegar like odor to it. Plea

Nano coatings ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 13:48:27 EST 2013 | cyber_wolf

I have been told that stencil nano-coatings are rain-x in a different container. I guess I half believed it until I opened up a sample the other day. It smells EXCACTLY like rain-x. For those of you that have never smelled rain-x it has a very distin

Rotten smell from Electrovert Aquastrom 100

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 19:03:40 EDT 2022 | aksaustin

It could be from your Deionized Mixed Beds. Resin on the mixed beds can have that smell if its bad or not flushed prior to use. Its a fishy/rotten eggs odor It would still happen if you dumped the water but didn't swap out the tanks and would smell

Stencil Cleaning / Zestron / Vigon

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 13:06:45 EDT 2005 | carln

I evaluated a couple of the Vigon products by Zestron last year and I think the SC200 was one of them. They seemed to clean OK, and Zestron said they were biodegradable, but they conveniently failed to disclose that they contained VOCs. If you are

Arguments against 1(or 2)-ethoxy-propanol (aka SC01)?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 23:09:59 EDT 2016 | adamjs

flammable and hazardous to deal with Just want to point out that this is redundant, the only hazard is flammability. Acetone is about as non-toxic as it gets (as long is it isn't in your EYES) and probably *the* most safety-studied solvent in histo

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