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SMT OEE Calculator

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 08:36:41 EST 2009 | jagadeeshrajagopalan

Martin Pls find the link for the SMT OEE calculator.

OEE measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 08:02:15 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

OEE is something that is difficult to project, because there are many factors that effect it. Component replenishment, change-over times, programming issues etc. I am sure the Fuji applications folks would be happy to figure out how many modules you

Re: Overall Equipment Effectiveness Metric

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 19 23:02:21 EDT 1998 | john godfrey

| We have just recently started using the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric on our SMT lines. This measurement is the "equivalent percentage of time the equipment is being used to produce saleable product at the maximum machine rate." Th

Overall Equipment Effectivness

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 13 11:45:56 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi Sr. http://www.oee.com/pdf/fast-guide-to-oee.pdf Pages 10 and 11 (I believe) will get you going.

SMT OEE Calculator

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 08:04:25 EST 2009 | martinphill

How to calculate Availability in SMT mcs? IDeal Rated CPH or Machine programming time? Pls send me SMT OEE Calculator

SMT OEE Calculator

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 02:39:38 EST 2009 | martinphill

No the machine is not capacity constrained. We do not use IPC-9850. Rated CPH is taken from Equipment manufaturer. Fuji-CP643. Universal HSP4796 We have 3 manufaturing units at different location Difficult to standardize OEE calculation

OEE measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 24 00:16:24 EST 2009 | bala123

How OEE (of SMT line) is measured for high mix, low volume companies and used in bench mark. In general, what is the average ?

OEE Alternatives?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 08:58:27 EST 2011 | DW

I'm looking for other performance metrics equations as alternatives to OEE. Machine utilization and efficiency are what I am concentrating on. Thanks

How to measue SMED at SMT

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 08 18:19:58 EDT 2013 | davef

Not quite what you're asking, but try OEE as your metric http://www.smtnet.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=search_submit&searchstring=oee&collection=site_forum BR, davef

OEE excel template

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 15:54:03 EDT 2019 | linux

Hello All, I'm looking for information on OEE data collection for our smt dept. Would anyone have a template excel based or know of somewhere we can purchase a template which would allow the operator to fill in data at shift end. Any info greatly app

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