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Increasing size tolerance to reduce component rejection

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 26 18:53:30 EDT 2016 | chabscan

Could it be possible in my Quad 4c, to increase component size tolerance to reduce the rejection of components? Could this have an impact in the event of the machine picking a component off center? As in if the machine picks a compnent off center but

GSM PTF Off Center Pick

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 10:02:38 EDT 2015 | rgduval

Having some issues with our GSM picking parts that are delivered by the PTF off center; and wondering if there's a relatively painless way to calibrate where the head goes to pick the part on the belt. Near as I can see, the PTF is picking the parts

Re: SMT Daughter Board Placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 10:19:21 EDT 2000 | JAX

Head, There are no rules on what is placed by machine. Some things to look at: 1. vision alignment issues a. board size ( FOV ) 2. Machine pick-up a. special nozzle b. off center pick-up (depending on machine this could cause a problem) 3. Re

Fuji CP642 Auto Pick adjust

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 11:02:13 EDT 2007 | gregf912

I have a CP642E machine that will not function if auto adjust is enabled in Part Descriptor. Symptom: Auto pick offset causes machine to pick part off center to the point of going to end of part after several picks. This only happens to parts that ha

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 12:18:43 EDT 2005 | russ

We have had this problem with one of our machine although it is not a Mydata. We had to reduce the blow off time for these. Our problem was also these same Rnet packages. the part is proabably picked a little off center, then the blow off hits the

GSM PTF Off Center Pick

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 10:17:12 EDT 2015 | swag

There is. I've done it. Can't remember how the heck to do it 100%, though! We no longer have GSM's and it was years ago so sorry I'm not much help but I'll try. I remember a couple details... I put clear or kapton tape on the part (sticky side u

GSM PTF Off Center Pick

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 14:34:22 EDT 2015 | rgduval

Thanks for the shot at it :) So, I discovered the "feeder teach" feature that UIC has in the software. It's fantastic...except it doesn't give the option to have the PTF deliver a part to the belt. That was mildly disappointing. In the help files

MyData DPak not placing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 13:34:28 EDT 2013 | dontfeedphils

Usually the reason it will fail a part like that when you are using mechanical centering is because the part is usually picked so off center because of the body shape. So when the centering jaws close to push the part to center they give up and fail

GSM PTF Off Center Pick

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 17:06:29 EDT 2015 | swag

Awesome! It's good you found feeder teach. One warning: feeder teach is not slot specific (at least not when I ran GSM). Example: You teach an 8mm feeder in slot 30. You then teach an 8mm feeder in slot 31. The pick will change for the slot 30

chip placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 11:33:26 EDT 2014 | fredcalkins

I do not have machine experience, but I think vacuum too early would be a more likely cause of chips leaping to a nozzle. Juki nozzles are made of hardened stainless and could be slightly magnetic, but the end is relatively small and would not have t

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