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Flux wave on PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 18:28:03 EDT 2015 | gregoryyork

Hi its undercured solder resist which leaves a clear waxy/oily residue and can be seen as brown tar/oil in the molten solder wave. This also causes MicroSolder Balling and some snail trails of solder pick up and worst case bridging and peeling resist

Hair Line Solder Short at PTH Connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 17:50:13 EDT 2005 | greg york

Try a rosin flux this has solved it for me on numerous occasions, no need to use heavy rosin only around 4% total solids so rosin around 1.5% is sufficient. It is down to the plasticizers which are tacky coming out of the resist. The rosin is an imme

Weak joint strength and black residue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 17:22:51 EDT 2007 | naynayno

We have been producing an IMS assembly with SMT dpak's for some time. However, we recently encountered a new problem by chance - the parts can be flicked off with a finger nail. I state by chance because the solder joints are wetted and shiny with


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 19:34:27 EST 2003 | gregoryyork

Blimey that's a problem and a half. Water Solubles will look completely different residue wise than No Cleans, pending age and solids contents No Cleans will go white powdery - watersolubles will stay oily Alternatively process reworked PCB's through


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