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Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 19:25:02 EDT 2005 | matjen

I found a place that exchanges old nozzles for new ones; thanks for the inputs though.

Help needed for choosing chipshooter

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 14:46:11 EDT 2004 | ricardof

Agree with MKE, some reconditioned CP6 machines would be fine for you if you want bombproof equipment and low operation cost, but no flexibilty at all, unless you have small assys with few part numbers, If you want more felxibility, GSMs are OK, easy

Fuji CP6 24V Power Supply shorted at power up?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 17:05:22 EDT 2017 | rodrigo

Hi all, Our Fuji cp6 woke up with a bad power supply (ps) this morning. The ps is one of two 24vdc (Corsel P300E-24). There is one inside the cabinet and one on the door where the cpu card is. The bad one is the one inside the cabinet. So we had anot

Fuji CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 21 00:06:55 EST 2007 | nhantruong

If you want to use fuji CP6 machine, you have to buy the the fuji flexa software.Because the old software from fuji (MCS or F4G) they are not support anymore. In the flexa software you can make top and bottom side in the same program, you can move th

Fuji F4G PC hardware requirements?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 15:02:00 EDT 2018 | rodrigo

Hi all, Does anyone know the "preferred" PC setup to install F4G? We have several PCs but it only fully works on an old celeron PC that is extremely slow. In most other either the CP6 optimizer or CAD converter do not work. We have 2 lines with the s

CP6 vs CP6E

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 22:06:15 EST 2006 | kent_peterson

Same for fujiflexa or cam. Just make sure the one you get has new style shafts. I doubt you can get the old style and to switch takes doing all shafts.

Fuji CP6 Issues, Questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 18:57:54 EDT 2007 | fastek

Look...I'm sure the numerous 10 year olds that browse this site can relate to your humor.....and if it's all in jest....well I guess that's funny. However...if you really have a problem with your CP-6 you'll need get a little more specific....once t

Quick Tool on CP6

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 10:30:18 EDT 2018 | robl

We had a play with a Grid-Lok type system about 20 years ago, but bottled it when we came to the CP6 as it didn't feel a good idea to add that much weight to the moving table. Are you looking at ezload? I've seen them running OK in the past on old S

Poor Fuji recognition of PhyComp 0603 (1608) cap

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 01:17:59 EDT 2002 | Brian Sloth Bentzen

Hi Steve. My Fuji CP6 is model 643 and are 3 years old, maintained and upgraded with the newest software along the way. And, actually it was Fuji Japan that gave in, not Fuji America. Fuji Japan tested our components and found the same problem and

Camera Problem on CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 10:27:22 EDT 2002 | JCC

What version is your firmware?? This error can be caused bt something as simple as the background nozzle disks. Are you using the old style or the new vinyl ones?

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