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Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

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Body insulation - conformal coating Standard max. coating on leads is .125"; closer control is optional at extra cost. Marking - Trademark, Cap, Tol., T.C., and Voltage (Voltage omitted on 500V). Special disc products are also available fr


Stencil Inspection Machine System SIM-230

Stencil Inspection Machine System SIM-230

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Stencil information management system support stencil acceptance, requisition, return, clean, inspection, repair and scrap process control,and related data form can be input automatically without any paper work.What is more, the data can keep forever


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omit stencil apertures to hand solder or paste, reflow then solder.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 06:06:11 EST 2020 | hexton

I am currently weighing up my options for resistors that will be fitted to a fully assembled PCB (PTH&SMT). Do I omit the stencil apertures leaving exposed pads (ENIG) so they can be hand soldered with fresh solder. Considering shelf life for soldera

omit stencil apertures to hand solder or paste, reflow then solder.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 10:30:02 EST 2020 | richardcargill

If you get the stencil made with all apertures included then you can blank some off with sellotape. Saves you buying 2 stencils should you require them machine fitted in the future

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For Electronics, Phoenix Contact has Professional Housings

Industry News | 2003-06-03 08:20:48.0

Designed for fast and easy DIN-rail mounting


Monitoring of the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum by means of sonic velocity

Industry News | 2021-04-29 16:54:35.0

Automatic identification and optimal inline monitoring with LiquiSonic®

SensoTech Inc.

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Advances in Conductive Inks across Multiple Applications and Deposition Platforms

Technical Library | 2012-12-27 14:35:29.0

Printed Electronics is generally defined as the patterning of electronic materials, in solution form, onto flexible substrates, omitting any use of the photolithography, etching, and plating steps commonly found within the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry. The origins of printed electronics go back to the 1960s, and close variants of several original applications and market segments remain active today. Through the 1980s and 1990s Printed Electronic applications based on Membrane Touch Switch and Electroluminescent lighting technologies became common, and the screen printed electronic materials used then have formed the building blocks for many of the current and emerging technologies and applications... First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings.


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HANDLING OF MAINTENANCE Camelot,Mascot, Selective Soldering,Wave Soldering,Aquastorm 200,H-500 HI-Z,Kolb,kerry&PBT,GETECH, ATI 105 & Final Touch 101,Heller,Btu&vapour phase,Shuttle,SRT,ESD ,Electrical maintenance . Knowledge in using SLIM KIC 2000&

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PCBL - PCB Footprint Expert

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