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COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 11:02:17 EDT 2001 | Singh

Hi all. I am looking into the implementation of the Chip on Board process with eutactic bonding and the then using either gold or aluminum wire to make wedge type wire bonding. Since I am totally new to this, can somebody guide me thru the process,

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 15:15:13 EST 2006 | russ

Heat guns used improperly will definitely damage components. You must have a controlled heat gun that can be set to the max temp you want pb =215C max, Pbfree maybe 240C max. This heat gun must not be able to be adjusted or you must have total trus

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 10:00:14 EDT 2015 | swag

I like MpM personally - run forever and programming is easy and leads you through it. It's hard to miss a step of programming with MpM software. DEK's a little harder (for me) but still very nice controls. The pluses of DEK - DEK has a high freque

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 08:16:57 EDT 2008 | tonyamenson

Good morning gentlemen, I could use some advise as to the min / max windows for the wave process. We have had little problems with our leaded wave but when applying the same process to lead-free wave we are having problems. Obvisouly the temps are

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 15:40:44 EST 2006 | mgdrouin1

Comp is relay. I've pulled the spec. Max 240. Using Leister h/g with manual temp settings from 1-6 (20 - 600C)set by the operator. Gun was set to setting 4. They are using the heat gun to reflow the solder after SMT but before wave. High fai

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 12:32:35 EDT 2008 | tonyamenson

So here is my problem with the info you gave. If my preheat topside max is 150 - 170 C but my flux calls out a topside temp of 93 - 104 C..... ....Im pretty much up a creek becuase of a poor flux choice? FYI. we are using the Indium 3590-TX for bo

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 15:46:08 EDT 2004 | drlou

I have been reading the forum to try and figure out what brands to look at for Pick and Place machines. We need around 3,600 cph, and would like to be able to handle 0402, soic, tssop, and perhaps as little as 0.020" pitch. Max pcb is 9 x 13". Looks

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 10:48:08 EDT 2005 | Rob

Cheers Greg, It's unusual to have such direct access to manufacturers & their opinions. I'll tell you what really does get us, and splicing doesn't work well on these occaisions - big SMD connectors, requiring deep pocket feeders. You only get m

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 13:59:19 EDT 2008 | pjc

Here's what I've seen for no-clean flux applications: Leaded: Dwell Time is? 2 - 3 seconds Top side board temp max? If some small SMT parts reflow are we too hot? 110 to 120C top side board temp just before hitting the wave(s) Pot temp. 245C Lea

Mydata Hydra and 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 07:38:13 EDT 2005 | DannyJ

Hi Mike, I haven't tried the 0201s with a Hyrda, but after seeing 20 reviews of your message without a response, I'll try and share my experience with 0402s on a non-Hydra machine. The 0402s are slow, but I managed to get some speed by maxing out

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