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reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 08:55:49 EDT 2005 | greg

One more question. Is it realy worth to have reflow oven with nitrogen for lead free?. What are yours experiences? Greg

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 15:50:11 EDT 2004 | Rob

hi all What do you think about soldering pb-free in reflow oven (air) lenght 1,7m (5 zones top,bottom) with max zone temp. 300C? Do you think that this process will be stable? Our max PCb dimension 260x260 mm. When i compare different oven producer t

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 09:40:52 EDT 2005 | davef

You should buy an oven that actually melts the solder on your boards.

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 03:43:47 EDT 2005 | Rob

.....and not the components

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 10 14:08:29 EDT 2005 | greg

Hi there I have a question about reflow oven for Pb-free technology. I've noticed that some of the manufactures offer reflow ovens with short (26-30 lenght in cm) heat zones others offer longer more then 30 cm. So there are ovens with total heat len

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 04:50:33 EDT 2005 | amstech

Nitrogen flow helps good joints. But proves to b expensive. Choice will be yours.

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 07:46:51 EDT 2005 | mmjm_1099

Make sure you find out that short to longer ovens are both Lead-Free capable. If you want respond here on what they say for future reference for people.

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 17:32:18 EDT 2004 | pjc

Look to the no-Pb solderpaste mfr. specs for on-board temps. For example, Indium Corp. has a product that performs at on-board temps of 229C. Now, your BTU oven will handle this no problem, as will most modern ovens. Its all about thermal mass. Look

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 16:45:44 EDT 2004 | Bob

BTU as well as most oven manufactuers have great products. If they fit what your looking for and can give you good support(preferably local) then you should not really see any quality problems with their products. With the oven max temperature of 300

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 06:37:59 EDT 2005 | amstech

As long as you have a continuous profile with required soak and dwell periods, the zone lengths do not matter. For lead free, usually ramp to peak is preffered.that is with minimum soak (you can not avoid soak anyway. You can achieve the profiles irr

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