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How to convert text file or gerber file into cad file with cadEasy software of omron

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:38:54 EST 2019 | kgarlapa

We use gerber file for pick and place in smt machines, but in aoi we use cad files. Can you please suggest me how to convert gerber file into cad file by using cadEasy software of omron.

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 15 20:04:13 EDT 2009 | tonybb

We just bought an used Omron AOI machine and have no prior experience with it. We powered it up and found out that the machine failed to boot-up because there was no internal hard drive (C: drive). Apparently, it has two external hard drives connect

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 11 12:12:09 EDT 2011 | dan_ems

We don't have yet the Omron Aoi, but will come soon. So please tell me, what will be the most challenging thing with Omorn AOI.And how will be the best way to make the library, after part number or after shape ? Thanks You.

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 09 16:50:04 EDT 2011 | dan_ems

Hello, tell me please, what type of file do you need to make a program for Omron AOI, only centroid data?

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 08:46:03 EDT 2009 | doremiking

I've just seen your question because I list this site rarely. It can boot usually from C: hard drive, we have 4 Omron AOIs - brand new (RNS & VT-WIN2),theoretically one computer can boot from different disks, it is set up in the BIOS, there are some

Looking for OMRON VT-RNS, RNSII manuals and software

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 07 12:00:12 EDT 2023 | smtlover

Hi friends, Does anyone have a repository of OMRON manuals/software? We are looking for any VT-RNS, RNSII or other OMRON AOI files. Thanks for the help!

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 17:02:49 EDT 2011 | doremi

Hi, I don't know if you have any AOI experience, so it is difficult to answer to your first question. Omron AOI software has a library, which is based on Jedec, so you can use just 10-15 different general models and will create hundreds of library co

A.O.I recommendation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 08 04:08:35 EDT 2005 | SB

Lupo, Omron AOI systems are definitely the best and most accurate, with the exception of there desktop system which is poor in comparison. They used to be very expensive , but I believe their new models are well priced. If you want solder joint ins

Omron AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 20 10:11:19 EDT 2010 | namruht

I just found out that we have an older Omron VT-WIN that we are not using. I do not know anything about the machine, but I am curious if it is worth trying to bring onto the production floor and use it for inspection. Can anyone tell me anything abou

AOI Omron Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 14:43:28 EDT 2021 | daisymu


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