Used SMT Equipment: omron vt-win

Omron VTWin2, VTwin, VT-RNS

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

Omron AOI , SPI   Omron SPI 3F5VT-WIN B91047301-866…339 Omron SPI 3F5VT-WIN A99889001-725…239 Omron SPI  (VT-WIN2) VT-WIN2-M-VH 0373Y05-1730        Year  2005 Omron AOI (VT-RNS) VT-RNX-MZ 0384Z05-0294                 Year 2005   customerst

CS Technology

Omron Omron AOI  VT-RNS-MS/VT-WIN II  (D1)

Omron Omron AOI VT-RNS-MS/VT-WIN II (D1)

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

our company have some sets of Omron AOI available for sales. Omron AOI VT-RNS-MS     2005 Omron AOI  VT-WIN II      2008 our company web we also have some Feeder for sales.welcome for contact me. yoyo

Daiichi Industrial Co., Ltd.


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