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Search To Include OnBoard Forum

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:05:28 EDT 2000 | Dave F

It would be nice if the "Search SMTnet" included information in the OnBoard Forum.

Lee H. Goldberg OnBoard Forum is now in Progress!

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 14:35:01 EDT 2000 | Bill Schreiber

Click on the "OnBoard Forums" button at top of page.

Stencil Cleaning OnBoard Forum Now In Progress

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 12:23:57 EST 2001 | kerryn

I recommend that you checkout the OnBoard Forum on Stencil Cleaning. You have to enter it via the SMTnet Home Page. I tried going through the OnBoard Forum link and could not see the data. Must be a software glitch. However, there is more informatio

OnBoard Forum Postponed Until June 6th

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 14:13:50 EDT 2000 | Keith Luke

Due to unforeseen circumstances the May 19th OnBoard Forum with Charles Harper has been postponed until Tuesday, June 6th, from 12 to 5PM Eastern Time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and look forward to welcoming SMTneters to our

Re: Lead Free CD ROM Winners from the Bob Willis Forum

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 08:11:16 EDT 2000 | Michael Bryant

I have included a link to the Bob Willis OnBoard Forum at the bottom of this message. You can always look at any of the past forums by clicking the 'OnBoard Forums' link at the top of every SMTnet page.

OnBoard Forum

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 11:27:52 EDT 2000 | Cunli

Would it be more convenient to SMTneters to make the OnBoard Forum, at least the archives, a category of the Electronics Forum? Doing so would likely increase the popularity of this new service and encourage follow-ups to the live session. What do ot

Re: OnBoard Forum

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 21:07:54 EDT 2000 | Keith Luke

Cunli, Thanks for the feedback on OnBoard. We will be introducing the new OnBoard Forum component page next week. There you will be able to quickly access archived OnBoard Forums, and see our schedule of upcoming events. We are still weighing w

Stencil Cleaning OnBoard Forum Now In Progress

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 14:10:33 EST 2001 | kerryn

I posted a question regarding Stencil Drying in the OnBoard Forum and received some good feedback. Is there anybody in this forum that may be able to add to the information on drying stencils?

"While You Were Out" Button Is Weird On OnBoard

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 21 21:22:36 EDT 2001 | davef

Chicking on the "While You Were Out" button during an OnBoard Forum session gives results from a wide variety of forums. Weird.

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 17:32:18 EDT 2004 | pjc

Look to the no-Pb solderpaste mfr. specs for on-board temps. For example, Indium Corp. has a product that performs at on-board temps of 229C. Now, your BTU oven will handle this no problem, as will most modern ovens. Its all about thermal mass. Look

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