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Pick Place Programmer

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 09:44:22 EDT 2018 | sarason

OpenPNP will not get you to your end goal. Dockerty electronics has an open source solution in Delphi that could be modified for our purposes. http://www.dockerty.co.nz/index.html Madell I believe have something in hardware with 5 feeders that wo

Pick Place Programmer

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 02:01:39 EDT 2018 | reckless

I was looking into cheap chinese pick and place machines for this. They run $3k TVM802A with 27 feeders was the cheapest machine I could find but places QFNs 0.5m perfectly. Manufacturer claims it can be programmed to do what I want it to do but I

Validation of Pick & Place programs

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 11 15:16:46 EST 2008 | jaimebc

Our programs are created in an ASCII format ( we do not have Unicam or Circuit cam )So using Microsoft Excel,we open/load the finished PNP program and then we sort it by reference designator. Still in Excel, we then open/load the BOM (in an ASCII)

Selecting pick and place machine (comparison/personal experience/sales pitches)

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 14:46:14 EDT 2021 | mishafockin

We currently have Yamaha/Assembleon Opal with heller 1800. I think we can start with just a printer and PnP. I am open to a refurb printer but would like to get a new PnP. I understand it costs a minifortune but working out bugs and lack of maintenan

Manncorp MC386 Video Card problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 12:04:44 EST 2008 | buckeyes903

Well my boss has explained to me that when he imports the data, because it is not the correct file we have to switch it over to the correct style and doing that on the PNP is easier. I have not seen anyone do this since I have just started a few mon

AOI, Pre or Post Reflow?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 09:18:10 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Thanks, Going to APEX to see personal demos and hear what they offer and recommend is a great idea. I mean if you want to put AOI everyplace I am sure you will be supported with open arms. What I found interesting in the article was that large

Components randomly wiped out in reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 03:18:08 EDT 2018 | bukas

hello Diego, I would start by opening oven and looking for missing components. once you locate them you can work from there. are you using any alu caps on your board? I had problem with bad alu caps exploding in oven and scattering other components.

Heller 1707 EXL Blower Fan Speed Control

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 22:19:07 EDT 2020 | kghadiya

Hello Experts, I am using Heller 1707EXL in my shop. From last 2 months I have faced component missing and flying problem. I tried everything to figure out the problem i.e. change solder paste, re-calibrate PnP machine, several oven recipe etc but s

SOD323 and SC90 bounceing parts in final PNP stages.

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 01:56:37 EST 2012 | eadthem

What we have had recently is a lot of larger thin (32 thou) thickness boards that have had issues with SC90 diodes bouncing off the pads in the final PNP machine. Our setup, universal instruments GC120 or quad beam 30 spindle lightning heads. This m

Re: BGA shifting

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 10:29:11 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| Dear all, | | We've got a curious problem. We have had a major problem with BGA's occasionally being placed one to several rows or columns off the pads. We are using Universal's GSM2 platform for our general purpose placements. Our Universal re

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